SCR Combined Authority

The Combined Authority “CA” was established on 1st April 2014 and the first meeting of the CA took place on 22nd April 2014.

Future agendas and meeting papers, along with an archive of past agendas, papers and minutes of CA meetings can be found here. For more information please contact Craig Tyler on:  01226 772824 or

For issues relating to CA policy contact David Hewitt, Sheffield City Region Executive Team on 0114 2541335 9 or


The nine local authorities that make up the Sheffield City Region (SCR) have a long history of collaboration at a scale that reflects the natural economic geography of the region. Most recently, this collaboration has taken the form of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (SCR LEP) and SCR Leaders Group.

Following a comprehensive “Governance Review” – SCR Leaders concluded that the time has come to take SCR governance to the “next level” (i.e. from informal collaboration to joint decision making on some issues) and “put into legislation that which we [the SCR] have been doing by consent for some time” (Governance Review Workshop 1 – 20th July 2012).

In practical terms, this means establishing a SCR Combined Authority. The term “Combined Authority” means the bringing together of two statutory bodies – the Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) and an Economic Prosperity Board (EPB) in order to align political decision making around strategic Economic Development and Transport. The CA works in partnership with and is complimentary to the private sector-led Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The Chair of the LEP attends CA meetings on behalf of the LEP Board. It is proposed that  the SCR Authority will “hardwire” the partnership between the public and private sector in the SCR – providing a solid, stable platform for future governance and decision making.

Latest papers and Agenda

Latest SCR Combined Authority Agenda and Papers

Background Materials

Combined Authority Financial Regulations

SCR Combined Authority Constitution

Click on the following links for the Governance Review (April 2013)Scheme Document (April) and Governance Review and Scheme Covering Letter as submitted to the Secretary of State.

External spend

We publish details of our external spending to individual payments to suppliers and organisations with a value over £250. It is an important part of our commitment to be open and transparent with our residents and our suppliers. The data below is provided for free reuse, including commercial reuse. The right for further use is covered by the Open Government License, published by the National Archives and as recommended by HM Government Data.

Please note that we categorise our spend using the Proclass system. This means that each supplier has a defined category which they are assigned but this does not necessarily mean this is what we are buying.