What is the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership?

Long-term economic growth for the Sheffield City Region requires sustained investment, a focus on innovation and a private and public sector partnership. To enable businesses to operate as freely as possible, it is important for the private sector to engage with local and national government, working in partnership to ensure that, where required, regulations are sensible, pragmatic and easy to apply. Within the Sheffield City Region this leadership is provided by the Local Enterprise Partnership.

The Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (SCR LEP) has one overriding focus – to promote economic growth. Its decisions on economic priorities help to attract and retain business investment – bringing jobs, improving the regions prosperity and enhancing the welfare of communities. This helps to raise the standard of living for people in the region and ensures that there will be a stable, thriving and sustainable business environment.

Newly devolved powers to locally elected politicians working in concert with the private sector will enable it to ensure that its decisions are focused wholly on the future prosperity of the region.

The Sheffield City Region LEP is committed to an ambitious economic growth strategy, and it provides a forum at local and regional levels for business leadership to engage formally with local government leadership to identify local economic priorities and to drive forward economic growth and job creation.

Doing business in the Sheffield City Region is very easy thanks to the private and public sector partnership of the SCR LEP.

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