Aero Centre Yorkshire

Uniting: Aviation, Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Cargo/Logistics, Offices and Community Facilities • Home to over 100 thriving businesses • £200 million of investment made to date • £100 million investment opportunity – next phase. • Fully aligned to the Sheffield City Region Integrated Infrastructure Plan (IIP)

With ground-breaking plans Aero Centre Yorkshire will develop its own metropolitan heart where the layout, infrastructure, and economy are centred around an airport which serves as a multimodal “airport city”.

With £200m of investment to date unlocking the commercial and regeneration potential of a full service international airport and a significant land bank available for future growth Aero Centre Yorkshire is superbly placed for growth.

Aero Centre Yorkshire is an offering from the Peel Group who have a strong record of delivering major UK investment projects such as Media City UK, Manchester and Liverpool 2, at the Port of Liverpool

Next opportunity to invest around £100 million, developing with c.1 million square feet of commercial facilities within a 65 Acre Site adjacent to the airport

You can find members of the Sheffield City Region Delegation:

Exhibiting in the Palais at stand R7 C17

Meetings held at SCR HQ, 5 Rue des Lerins, 06400 Cannes

Presentation Tuesday, 14th March: 8am-10.30am. Tickets here.

Drinks Petit Zinc, 85 Rue Meynadie. Meet us for happy hour from 5-7pm Tuesday to Thursday, Let’s chat opportunity.

Aero Centre benefits from having an enviable land bank, providing the ability to facilitate significant growth in airport activities and the associated agglomeration of commercial activities and community facilities in the surrounding site.

1600-acre estate capable of delivering a further 4.5m sq.ft a commercial, major airside expansion.

The next phase of development: 1M sq. ft of commercial facilities within a 65-acre site (containing a 25-acre enterprise zone) already has planning permission in place, alongside access and service infrastructure.