Skills Bank

Published 15th February 2016 at 1:44pm


The Skills Bank is an exciting new service which invests in skills and expertise to

drive business growth.

We can work with you to identify how new skills can help to grow your business, and we can connect you to high quality training providers that can meet your needs. Thanks to Sheffield City Region Growth funding and European Social Fund monies, we can invest in your workforce.

About the Skills Bank

The Skills Bank is an exciting new service which invests in skills and expertise to drive business growth.
The Skills Bank will bring about a new culture in the skills system by empowering employers to choose and invest in the skills that they need. It is a £17 million fund comprising funding from the European Social Fund and Growth Funding.
Key features of the Skills Bank include:

  • Specialist support via a dedicated helpline (0800 328 1844)
  • A bespoke economic impact model to assess the growth potential of Skills Deals and determine employer contribution and matched funding up to two third cost of training
  • A network of brokers and a skills assessment tool to support employers in defining their skills needs
  • An approved list of providers that guarantees quality and value for money
  • An online community with relevant feedback to explore the best training in an area


Find out if we can support your business

Visit the Skills Bank website at check whether you are eligible for a Skills Deal and get registered.

Over the coming few weeks, the website will be launching an interactive Skills Assessment tool and our Training Catalogue. This will help you to best understand how the right training can support your business to grow and allow you to browse the courses that we have on offer.

Should you have any additional questions or want to discuss your specific training needs now, please get in touch:

Call: 0800 328 1844 (Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm)




About the Skills Bank Operator

PwC have been appointed as the Sheffield City Region Skills Bank Operator (Skills Bank Operator) via a competitive tender. The key responsibility of PwC is the management and operation of the Skills Bank. The key components of this are procurement of training providers, employer engagement and marketing, operation of triage and brokerage services, supporting development of Skills Deals and overall contractual, performance and financial management of the fund.