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LEP welcomes Manifesto for Growth 2012

Published 18th June 2012 at 9:26am

James Newman, Chairman of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, has welcomed the launch of a new lobbying document for businesses.

The 15-page ‘Manifesto for Growth’ calls on Sheffield City Region leaders to provide businesses with an environment for growth.

The document, drawn up by all the Chambers of Commerce within the Sheffield City Region, will be at the heart of their policy and lobbying activity during the coming year, targeting senior politicians, civil servants and even business itself on the key issues that the private and public sectors face in generating growth.

James Newman said, “The Local Enterprise Partnership fully endorses this Manifesto for Growth, which sets out the conditions that local businesses need to continue to grow. The priorities set out in this document are very much in line with those of the Local Enterprise Partnership and we welcome the Chambers support on these issues.

“We recognise the importance of creating the best environment for our businesses to be able to continue to take the risks needed for economic growth. As a collaboration between the private and public sectors, the Local Enterprise Partnership is already making great progress with getting Government support to remove some of the barriers to growth.”

Created with support from businesses and all the Chambers of Commerce across the city region, the manifesto attempts to focus on the strategic issues that companies of all sizes outlined at the ‘Conference for Growth’ held in February 2012.

Chris MacCormac, President of Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, said: “Businesses from across the City Region have been calling for the Chambers to do something radical and influential and by doing so, stand up for the interests of its members and commerce in the region.

“This is our answer. The Manifesto in merely the agenda being set for the coming months and the Chambers will provide businesses the vehicle through which we can hopefully achieve some of our aims as set out within the publication.

“Through the three main areas of concentration, skills, conditions and infrastructure, we will seek to kick-start the economy in these core areas that can provide the regional economy with a stimulant for job creation and growth.

“Over the rest of 2012 and moving into next year, we will be working hard to push for some of the measures we have outlined within the document in partnership with our colleagues across the City Region.”

Suzanne Liversidge, president of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, said: “Businesses from across the Sheffield City Region have been calling on the Chambers to stand up for the interests of its members and commerce in the region. This manifesto is our response.

“Business is good for Britain and it is good for Sheffield City Region. It is businesses and entrepreneurs that create the wealth needed to make the world go round.

“Government cannot run our companies, but it can, and must, create an environment which is, at worst a level playing field, and at best, confers significant advantages whereby our businesses can compete and grow.

“The manifesto sets out a road map for restoring much needed confidence to the private sector and ensuring that the full economic potential of Sheffield City Region is realised.

“Through the three main areas of skills, conditions and infrastructure we will seek to kick-start the economy in these core areas, providing the region with long-term sustainable job creation and growth.”

(left to right) Sheffield Chamber of Commerce executive director Richard Wright, Chamber President Suzanne Liversidge, Sheffield City Council leader Julie Dore and council chief executive John Mothersole with copies of Manifesto for Growth 2012.

More than 200 delegates from across all sectors attended the event and contributed to the document outlining key areas which businesses locally believe will provide an economic catalyst to boost growth, job creation and business confidence.

The document sets out a number of headline policies businesses want Government, the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Local Authorities and other stakeholders to address.

Download and read the full Manifesto for Growth 2012.


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