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Planning granted for Doncaster’s regeneration route scheme

Published 12th June 2012 at 4:27pm

The Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme (FARRRS) has moved a major step forward after Doncaster Council’s Planning Committee recommended that the planning permission for the scheme should be granted today.

James Newman, Chairman of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “I am pleased to see the FARRRS road has the Planning Committee’s support as this is a project that the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership fully supports. The new link road will greatly improve the Sheffield City Region’s connections with its national and international markets, bringing a substantial number of new jobs and millions of pounds of local investment.”

Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, said: “This decision is tremendous news for Doncaster and the region. 2012 is becoming a monumental year for enhancing the economic prospects of Doncaster. Improvements are going to plan along White Rose Way, the first phase of the Civic and Cultural Quarter is starting to open and plans for this new link road are motoring along nicely.

“Doncaster is ambitious, forward thinking and one of the hottest places in the UK for new investment. All of this is testament to our vision and our ability to work with private and public sector partners to deliver.”

Daniel Fell, Deputy CEO at Doncaster Chamber, said: “FARRRS is a critical scheme for the future of Doncaster and the wider regional economy. The road will significantly enhance the growth potential of Doncaster Sheffield Airport – this will help the area’s importers and exporters and encourage more firms to trade internationally. The road will also open up acres of land for development and inward investment – this will create immediate supply chain opportunities for indigenous firms. In short, this road is good for business, good for Doncaster and good for jobs; the scheme has the full endorsement of the Chamber.”

Steve Gill, Airport Director at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, said: “The FARRRS link road will be a huge improvement to the accessibility of the airport. The project will ultimately provide a road which opens the airport to the Sheffield City region cutting journey times from Sheffield to 25 minutes. Improved access will enable the airport to attract larger numbers of passengers and work towards the ambitions set out in our master plan. This in turn will help us to provide a thriving business hub in and around the airport bringing with it the economic benefits and job opportunities that we aspire to offer. For us this is very much a first phase and part one of our longer term aspirations to make the airport much more accessible to the Sheffield City Region and beyond.”

FARRRS will provide the required transport infrastructure for a number of significant private sector developments to start in Rossington and at the airport. A dual carriageway will lead from the M18 towards Rossington and support the Inland Port. The link will continue as a single carriageway to the A638 at Parrot’s Corner and a direct connection will be provided into Rossington. The improvements will transform access and journey times for people travelling to and from this area and the airport.

In April 2011, Doncaster Council and its private sector partners received an offer of support from the Regional Growth Fund for its full £18million bid. In March 2012, the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Board approved a £2million Growing Places Funding bid to support the link road. This funding together with contributions from private sector developers and the council will help deliver the scheme which should start after the statutory processes are complete in the summer.

The new link road should be fully open in 2014 and deliver social and physical regeneration including the creation of thousands of new jobs and homes.

The scheme received overwhelming public support during extensive consultation earlier this year.

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