SYITC aims to boost exports with free language tuition

Published 29th August 2012 at 6:34am

Businesses across the region can now benefit from a new programme of language tuition, thanks to funding via South Yorkshire International Trade Centre (SYITC).

The courses, which include tuition in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Russian, are fully funded through SYITC and are available for free to all local businesses and employees, including volunteers and those who are self-employed.

Designed to ‘up-skill’ individuals, the aim of the courses is to help businesses increase their export sales, encourage trade with new markets and achieve better relations and dealings with their overseas business partners.

SYITC, a partnership of all the South Yorkshire Chambers of Commerce, offers a range of tuition, including full and part-time courses, one-to-one tuition, in-house tuition and evening classes, which all lead to nationally accredited qualifications.

Michelle Daniel, international trade manager at SYITC, said: “International trade is an increasingly vital area of business growth and communicating in the right language is crucial when doing business overseas.

“It’s important that businesses look to global markets to provide them with the opportunity to generate revenue, ultimately having a positive effect on our economy.  Knowledge of more than one language does not only benefit individuals in their current role, but can also be the source of future career developments.

“At SYITC we make it our aim to work directly with each business, providing advice and assistance to those willing to gain extra skills and improve their trade performance overseas.

“By breaking down language barriers between businesses, confidence amongst employees will be raised, ultimately leading to a better performance and expansion of overseas trade and exportation.”

For more information about SYITC’s language courses and translation services, please visit or call 0114 201 8888.

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