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Government formalises Sheffield City Region’s city deal

Published 18th September 2012 at 2:23pm

LEP Chairman James Newman and Chief Executive Ben Still joined Sheffield Council Leader Councillor Julie Dore and Chief Executive John Mothersole at a city deal signing ceremony at Downing Street today.

The quartet were at number 11 Downing Street, along with representatives from the seven other Core Cities in England, where they signed wave 1 deals with the Government agreeing their joint commitment to the full implementation of the city deals.

The Government’s plans to transform the powers and levers available to local leaders to deliver growth and jobs in their communities were confirmed today with the signature of agreements between the Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, and the leaders of the eight cities.

James Newman (left), Greg Clark, Julie Dore & John Mothersole

The city deals are expected to create up to 175,000 new jobs and 37,000 new apprentices across the eight areas which include; Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Sheffield.

James Newman, Chairman of the Sheffield City Region LEP, said:

“Today’s city deal signing at Downing Street marks an unprecedented shift in powers and some funding away from Whitehall to our City Region. This will further allow the LEP to drive forward real economic growth and create jobs for the Sheffield City Region.

“The skills deal gives businesses unprecedented control over the way in which our skills system works, so that we can make sure we have a highly skilled workforce which corresponds with the City Region’s business needs.

“Our transport deal will ensure that our workforce can travel faster, smarter and more efficiently. This deal is essential to achieving our growth potential and devolves the power to make transport decisions which focus on growing the City Region’s economy.

“Our £700m shared investment programme creates the funding firepower for business leaders to influence local funding allocation decisions – so that future investments are prioritised on creating new growth opportunities.”

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg said:

“I’m delighted to sign over huge chunks of freedom to our great cities today. Each of our eight core cities have come up with ambitious plans to help them grow and prosper. I look forward to seeing the results of this dramatic shift of powers from Whitehall to our cities.”

Greg Clark said:

“The Government is committed to unlocking the full growth potential of our cities. We want powerful, innovative cities that are able to shape their economic destinies, boost entire regions and get the national economy growing.

These deals provide a suite of new freedoms, powers and tools to help cities embark on new and innovate ways to drive local economic growth.”

The ‘City Deal’ means that more decisions on how money is spent on skills and transport in the Sheffield City Region will now be made by local businesses and partners who understand what is needed in the region.

A key element of the ‘City Deal’ scheme will be focused on job creation and skills, with 4,000 new apprenticeships created across the region and an additional 2,000 adults trained in new skills to help the local economy grow.

The Government is set to agree a three-year investment plan with the Sheffield City Region’s Skills and Employment Partnership. This will enable a joint investment scheme with £44.4m of local public and private sector investment, £23.8m of Government funding and an additional £4m from Government.

The deal provides better certainty in transport funding for the City Region, allowing more flexibility in how the money is used, up front funding, and allowing longer term planning for the needs of the City Region.


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