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Mayor calls for answers

Published 1st November 2012 at 5:04pm

Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies has asked for answers from the Government about their Carbon Capture and Storage competition to get to the bottom of their decision to overlook the leading project inEurope.

A flabbergasted Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, said: “I simply can’t understand why given the enormous benefits this project would have delivered the Government did not bite and it makes you question the robustness of the competition process.

“Having seen the debacle they made with the West Coast Main Line franchise it makes you wonder about this competition.

“Everyone is astonished that a project which has the financial backing of Europe can’t get the support it needs from theUK.

“I will not rest until I find out how a project which would have put Doncaster, the UK and Europeon the world stage for specialist power generation and carbon capture can be ignored.”


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