Business bosses to “lay foundations” for growth

Published 27th June 2013 at 9:03am

Business bosses are working together to create an ambitious ‘Growth Plan’ which will maximise economic growth and create jobs in the Sheffield City Region for years to come.

Private sector leaders at the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are calling on fellow business professionals to help them to identify opportunities, barriers to growth, and future priorities for the Sheffield City Region.

The LEP will be working with business leaders from Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Dales, Doncaster, North East Derbyshire, Rotherham and Sheffield to develop the Growth Plan for the Sheffield City Region.

Through the Growth Plan, the LEP will set out the economic ambitions for the Sheffield City Region – which it will submit to Government by the end of 2013.

The Growth Plan will compete with other UK areas to determine which powers and funding will be handed down by Whitehall to the Sheffield City Region.

The LEP is led by the private sector and brings together business leaders and local politicians to make decisions that create substantial economic growth and bring new jobs. The LEP Board is made up of 19 members – ten are private sector business leaders and nine are local authority leaders, including the Mayor of Doncaster.

Leading business expert, Richard Wright MBE, is part of the LEP’s Growth Plan Steering Group which is driving forward work on the Sheffield City Region’s Growth Plan. Richard, who is Chief Executive of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said:

“Our ambition is to be one of the best City Regions in the world and that relies on developing a strong plan, underpinned by an excellent understanding of future growth opportunities, around which we must all align.

Richard Wright, MBE

Richard Wright, MBE

“I am sure that business leaders will recognise this opportunity to ensure that their own plans for growth are supported by the LEP and the Government in the future.”

Chairman of the Sheffield City Region LEP Board, James Newman, said:

“Business leaders are working together to build an evidence base which takes account of business interests across the entire City Region.

James Newman, LEP Chairman

James Newman, LEP Chairman

“Through this work, we will ensure that our City Region can fully exploit opportunities to innovate and tackle the barriers to growing businesses and creating new jobs.

“The LEP is calling on business leaders to respond to our ‘call for evidence’, which will lay the foundations for a plan to grow our economy and create opportunities for generations to come.”

The LEP is asking businesses to give evidence by Friday 12 July. Businesses can submit their evidence using the easy online form at

Alternatively, business people can call the LEP on 0114 254 1334 and arrange an interview or email

One Response to Business bosses to “lay foundations” for growth

  1. Joy Bullivant says:

    We need to look at the industries which are neglected or poorly promoted ie Tourism. Cultural and Leisure Industries. Particularly the heritage. There has been a considerable amount of work done to heritage sites such as Manor Lodge, Kelham Island, Abbeydale Hamlet, Shepherd Wheel, Wortley Forge, Whirlow Farm, and up and coming Portland Works and Wincobank. These are great assets to the city and should be creating revenue for Sheffield. They are poorly promoted by Sheffield Council. Likewise the quality re leisure and Culture is top quality but would appear to be a well kept secret. Better promotion would increase revenue and bring in investors. A well rounded view of Sheffield is what we need to promote. We have a wealth of talent within the city. More creative people than anywhere outside London. Lets use them and promote them. Lets promote the Made in Sheffield label more vigorously. Use social media its free and can reach millions of people. Join together and really promote the city. We have Tour de France coming next year. A time to show the world what Sheffield is really like. Innovative, creative, commercially expanding and a great place to live work and invest in.

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