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High Speed Rail College key to creating ‘northern powerhouse’

Published 3rd July 2014 at 8:41am

Last week the Chancellor spoke about the importance of rebalancing the UK economy to create a ‘northern powerhouse’.

Locating the High Speed Rail College bid in the Sheffield City Region will be an important step to achieving this.

It is clear that the success of HS2 project will rely on the UK’s ability to train the next generation of engineers in rail, construction and environmental studies. That is why the Government is now looking for a location for a new HS2 college, which will be the first further education college to be built by Government in over 20 years, and complements our existing plans for a rail engineering training academy. Developing the rail engineering sector is a priority for the Sheffield City Region, and the new college would be a catalyst for growth in this area.

By locating the college in Doncaster, the Government will maximise the transformational benefits in an area that needs it – this is their opportunity to really start spreading the benefits of HS2.

Doncaster is not only most logical place in the Sheffield City Region to locate the High Speed Rail College, it is the best place in the country. The LEP believes that the collective confidence shown by local leaders from across the private and public sectors to bring the main hub to Doncaster will help Government to make the right choice.

Following the bid’s submission, Doncaster’s business community has launched a campaign to support bringing the new HS2 college to Doncaster. To be a success, their campaign needs support from local residents and businesses to show Government that everyone in the Sheffield City Region wants to see the college in Doncaster. Show your support by going online today and backing the bid at

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