#AskSCR says LEP Chair Sir Nigel

Published 10th October 2016 at 3:41pm

LEP Chairman Sir Nigel Knowles is calling on residents and businesses to join Sheffield City Region for a Live Twitter Q&A this Thursday.

On Thursday 13 October, from 10am, Sheffield City Region will host a Live Twitter Q&A session to encourage businesses and residents to discuss and debate devolution.

Sheffield City Region’s main Twitter account @SheffCityRegion, which has over 8,000 followers, will host a dedicated hour of activity from 10am on 13 October where questions from residents and businesses on this important subject will be invited, answered and discussed.

Sir Nigel Knowles, Chairman of Sheffield City Region LEP, said: “With over 2 billion people using social media, and over 320 million people from around the world now using Twitter to find out more about the things that really matter to them, we want to grab the opportunity that this offers.

“We thought holding this Twitter Q&A session would be about as straightforward and open as we could be to raise awareness and interest in our ambitious plans to grow the economy and create jobs. We’re looking forward to a fast-paced exchange of questions, ideas and debate next week.”

Residents will be encouraged to engage in the debate from 10-11am on Thursday 13th October. The Sheffield City Region Twitter feed is @SheffCityRegion and the Live stream will use the hashtag #AskSCR.


Devolution – How does it work?

Government is offering places in England the chance to have greater responsibility and control over decisions that affect their areas. This process of transferring powers and decisions from a national to a more local level is called “devolution”. The powers from Government will come down to locally elected Council Leaders and a directly elected City Region Mayor. This does not involve any functions being transferred from councils within the Sheffield City Region.

Devolution will enable the City Region to focus on a number of key areas:

Enhancing Investment – Creating better places to live, learn, work and do business with improved roads and locally managed public transport systems.

Enabling success – Creating new businesses, helping existing businesses to grow, expanding their markets nationally and internationally and attracting new ones into the region.

Improving Skills – Investing in education infrastructure, better skills, employment and adult education.

Sheffield City Region has a clear plan to grow its economy

The unique Devolution Deal gives the region £1.3 billion to spend over the next 30 years. The Deal offers us new powers and funding to improve infrastructure, transport, skills, housing and other drivers of business growth. To access these powers and this funding, some changes are required to our local decision making structures. These include giving locally elected leaders and a directly elected City Region Mayor new powers, drawn down from Government. Local leaders are also proposing to formally extend the area in which parts of the region work together so that it reflects the way that the economy really works.

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