Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

The Importance of Inclusive Growth

Published 20th October 2016 at 2:14pm

Sir Steve Houghton, Chair of the Sheffield City Region LEP, said: This month the Sheffield City Region celebrates six years of the Local Enterprise Partnership and recognises the creation of thousands of jobs and the significant economic growth that the Region has enjoyed. The members of the SCR Combined Authority have been working to embed the partnership between the public and private sectors and provide a solid platform on which we can continue to build this great region. The structure of the Authority allows us to align political decision making around strategic economic development and transport, for the benefit of all the people and businesses in the region.

The Sheffield City Region encompasses 1.8 million people across nine local authority areas; a huge diversity of talent, experience and a pragmatic no-nonsense work ethic. We are an incredibly welcoming region and it is therefore appropriate that we should be working towards welcoming inclusive growth. What that means is that the public sector is open for business and is proactively seeking ways to work efficiently with the private sector to secure jobs for the people of the region. However, we are doing this responsibly and looking at strategies and techniques to promote social impact to accompany the growth delivered through city region investments this includes the provision of housing and training, which will impact the lives of many in the region who have long struggled to overcome the adversity of recent decades.

The City Region is confident that we can attract international investors and support local entrepreneurs whilst ensuring that more people are employed on a living wage, there are more apprenticeships and educational opportunities and that everyone has somewhere affordable to live. We need to change the way we think about business growth and see it as a chance for a better life for us all.

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