SCR partnership ‘a great strength in our region’

Published 24th October 2017 at 8:51am

Iconic Henderson’s bottles on planter tables, improved paving, pedestrian areas, cyclepaths and safer crossing places around the University of Sheffield campus have been unveiled in a partnership between the University, Sheffield City Council, and the SCR.

Funding and close partnership working between the three made the complex, multi-authority project possible, and paying tribute, LEP Board member Martin McKervey said: “Partnership is at the heart of our great strengths in this city region.”

The work, including Western Bank and Upper Hanover Street, Leavygreave Road and the historic Henderson’s building, makes the area more attractive for students, visitors and local residents. It is part of the Gold Route which runs up into the city from Sheffield Railway Station.

Concrete planter tables on Leavygreave Road are decorated with three brass bottles modelled on the famous Henderson’s container, with each bottle featuring unique engravings to reflect an element of the area’s long and varied history.

Sheffield City Councillor George Lindars-Hammond added: “This is a fantastic setting for striking buildings and the start of world-class facilities, making Sheffield a great place to live, learn and work.”

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