What the Mayor is saying

This page contains transcripts of the opinion pieces and speeches made by the Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis.

Society’s duty to act now over fuel poverty to prevent needless winter deaths as action hots up across South Yorkshire - Opinion piece

How society cares for its elderly and most vulnerable is an important yardstick by which it should be judged.  But sadly, the UK doesn’t fare well when it comes to our record on excess winter deaths or fuel poverty.

The number of vulnerable and elderly people dying unnecessarily due to the cold weather is unacceptably high. In the most recent figures available, which relate to the winter of 2017 to 2018, it’s estimated that 50,100 people died in England and Wales because of the cold weather.  This was more than double the number of excess winter deaths from just two years previously.

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Working Win - oped

Most of us will experience ill health at some point. Sickness is therefore something that affects all employees – and all employers – across the Sheffield City Region.

But while many of us are fortunate enough to only suffer from the occasional bug, for many people struggling with chronic mental or physical illnesses, the right job is hard to find.

Research has proved that being in fulfilling work is vital for people’s health and wellbeing. But for thousands of people in our region with mild to moderate health conditions, work is difficult to manage alongside their health.

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Why We need to balance our regional economies

As published in unLTD Magazine on 13/08/19

Answers to rebalancing the economy don’t lie in Westminster and Whitehall – but with regional leaders who know their communities best, says Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region

We stand at a point of great change for our country.

Brexit and a change in leadership are consuming Government, while businesses are left trying to find the best path through the uncertainty.

It is imperative that while national Government works through its internal wrangles and the complexities of the UK’s exit from the European Union, the urgency of tackling regional imbalances and safeguarding the future of our communities and businesses is not forgotten.

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Cycle to Work Day

Today (August 8th) is Cycle to Work Day, a national initiative which encourages people to leave the car at home and commute on a bike. Helping more people cycle, walk and use public transport are key priorities for the Sheffield City Region and something I am personally passionate about.

A lot of us remember our first bike and the freedom it brought us, I know I do. And that doesn’t go away as we grow up – during the summer break I’ll be spending time cycling with my family, enjoying the off-road trails across South Yorkshire. Cycling is fun, gets us outside and is a great way to explore our beautiful countryside.

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How lucky we all are to live in this great county

As published in the Yorkshire Post on 01/08/19

Today is Yorkshire Day. A celebration of our historic county and the people and places that make it great. Yorkshire is thriving; from dynamic cities and bustling towns to the beauty of our countryside and stunning coastline.

For those of us that call Yorkshire home, it is not surprising that visitors often leave astounded by the breathtaking beauty that our county has to offer; nor does it surprise us that parts of our region often top the polls as the friendliest and most welcoming places in the UK to visit.

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Voice from the Northern Powerhouse - we are still waiting, Boris

As published in Mirror Online on Wednesday 24 July 2019

By Dan Jarvis, Steve Rotheram and Andy Burnham

Boris Johnson’s Government will be the third administration to promise the North of England a Northern Powerhouse. People here have had plenty of pledges from Ministers since George Osborne made his speech in Manchester five years ago, yet we are still waiting for the Powerhouse we were promised.

Boris Johnson has never been known for his love of the North so people here will be sceptical of his commitment to our part of the country.

This new Prime Minister’s time in office will be the make or break moment for the Northern Powerhouse.

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