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This page contains transcripts of the op-eds and speeches made by Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis.

Yorkshire must be prepared for Brexit

As published in the Yorkshire Post on 14/01/19.

This week marks a crucial moment in British politics. MPs are preparing to vote on Theresa May’s negotiated EU withdrawal agreement and whatever Parliament decides, communities and businesses across Yorkshire will face challenges. But it is also clear that we will be presented with opportunities. Our region’s leaders face the urgent task of ensuring our communities are equipped to face those challenges with confidence. To do this, we must be given the resources to build strong and resilient communities – and this requires the Government to work with us.

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Why I'm determined to end homelessness in the Sheffield City Region

As published in the Sheffield Star on 17/12/18

For many of us, Christmas is a time when all roads lead home.

We look forward to enjoying the company of those closest to us, and focusing on the things that are important; family, food and fellowship. But Christmas is not only a period of celebration. It is also a time of reflection.

For too many people, this is the hardest time of the year. A decade of austerity has resulted in more homelessness, poverty, debt and financial insecurity than we have seen in a generation.

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Mayor's speech at the Sheffield Cathedral

Speech delivered at the Sheffield Cathedral on 07/12/19

Good afternoon. And Merry Christmas to you all.

I’m told that I’m definitely not supposed to be delivering a sermon this afternoon.

Which you should all be thankful for!

I am also thankful that there are plenty of people here who will be able to drown out the sound of my singing.

My singing voice aside…. this is a wonderful time of the year.

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Mayor's speech at the Homelessness Summit

Speech delivered at the Homelessness Summit on 16/11/18

Thank you, Dominic, for the introduction.

And thank you South Yorkshire Housing Association for pulling this event together.

It is overwhelming to see so many people here.

Committed to working together to combat homelessness in the Sheffield City Region.

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Op Ed: A Living Wage doesn't just benefit the lowest-paid - it can help build a stronger society

As published on the Sheffield City Region website on 05/11/18

Philosopher and social commentator Thomas Carlyle described the concept of a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work as the “everlasting right of man.”

But, more than a century later, this “everlasting right” has still not been realised – and questions around what constitutes “fair” pay remains.

The unacceptable truth is that, in 2018, around a quarter of all workers in Sheffield City Region are still paid less than the Living Wage – a wage calculated according to what people need to earn in order to make ends meet.

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Living Wage Speech

Speech delivered at The Living Wage Event on 05/11/18

Thank you Philippa.

And thank you to Amy, Nigel and Harriet.

It is a pleasure to join both public and private sector employers at this morning’s event. It is great to see so many here.

I would particularly like to thank Amy and the Living Wage Foundation for their efforts in working with my team to make today happen.

The most important voice we heard this morning was Harriet’s. Confirmation, if we needed it, of the value of the Living Wage Foundations work.

Paying a decent wage.

It is not too much to ask.

And it is a cause that I have long championed.

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