What the Mayor is saying

This page contains transcripts of the opinion pieces and speeches made by the Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis.

Op Ed: A Living Wage doesn't just benefit the lowest-paid - it can help build a stronger society

As published on the Sheffield City Region website on 05/11/18

Philosopher and social commentator Thomas Carlyle described the concept of a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work as the “everlasting right of man.”

But, more than a century later, this “everlasting right” has still not been realised – and questions around what constitutes “fair” pay remains.

The unacceptable truth is that, in 2018, around a quarter of all workers in Sheffield City Region are still paid less than the Living Wage – a wage calculated according to what people need to earn in order to make ends meet.

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Living Wage Speech

Speech delivered at The Living Wage Event on 05/11/18

Thank you Philippa.

And thank you to Amy, Nigel and Harriet.

It is a pleasure to join both public and private sector employers at this morning’s event. It is great to see so many here.

I would particularly like to thank Amy and the Living Wage Foundation for their efforts in working with my team to make today happen.

The most important voice we heard this morning was Harriet’s. Confirmation, if we needed it, of the value of the Living Wage Foundations work.

Paying a decent wage.

It is not too much to ask.

And it is a cause that I have long championed.

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Why the Budget is a missed opportunity

Speech delivered in the House of Commons on 01/11/18

It is a privilege to represent both the constituency of Barnsley Central and the communities of South Yorkshire as the elected Mayor of the Sheffield City Region.

I speak today with both hats.

I am a proud Member of Parliament and Mayor.

Serving our communities is a privilege.

But it is not in the halls of Westminster, or the corridors of Whitehall, where decisions over many of the issues that affect our communities are best made.

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"Effects of reductions in local authority budgets" a missed opportunity

Speech delivered in the House of Commons on 30/10/18

I’m speaking this evening as someone who – both as an MP and also as Mayor of the Sheffield City Region – works closely with Local Authorities.

Not only do I get to lead the Combined Authority of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield,

with Derbyshire Dales, North East Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Bolsover and Bassetlaw and non-constituent members.

But, through the Yorkshire Leader’s Board, I get to work closely with all of Yorkshire’s other Local authority leaders.

And I can tell the House that the work that these local authorities do is of the highest standards of public service.

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Boeing milestone is key to new global corridor of innovation

As published on the Sheffield City Region website on 25/10/18

For generations of South Yorkshire men and women, the border between Sheffield and Rotherham has been a place of industry, community, and hard graft.

Where once coal was pulled from the ground to power our economy, now that economy is powered by advances in manufacturing, engineering and aerospace. Indeed, more people now work at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, on the site of the former Orgreave colliery, than they did in the pit during coal’s heyday.

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My message to the Chancellor - this Budget needs to empower the North to drive prosperity for all

Published on the Sheffield City Region website on 29/09/18

by Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region

An affordable, reliable and environmentally-friendly transport system, made fit for the 21st century with Transforming Cities funding.

An education system that ensures all young people achieve their potential and provides people with the skills to succeed -whatever their background.

Businesses that innovate, create jobs and create economic growth.

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