How We Make Decisions

The Sheffield City Region brings together public and private sector leaders to make decisions that drive economic growth and create new jobs.

We are strongly committed to putting in place robust decision-making and financial management processes and procedures to ensure that public money is being spent responsibly and is accounted for. We recognise the importance of maintaining and continually improving our governance arrangements, and each year we review and refine our procedures to further improve our accountability.

We also strive to achieve high standards for being open and transparent with the public about how we are investing the money we receive.

All decisions of the Mayor, Combined Authority and LEP are publicly available.

Combined Authority - Procedures

The Mayor and the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority have certain statutory powers over transport and funding from Government, and lead on decision-making.

The Combined Authority Constitution

Our Constitution of the Combined Authority sets out in a single place, how the Combined Authority works, its legal powers and obligations, how decisions are made and the protocols we follow to ensure that we are open, transparent and accountable to the public. The Constitution also outlines the roles and responsibilities for our different Boards and Committees.

Financial Regulations

The Financial Regulations for the Combined Authority set out the financial management policies that we operate and they are a key part of our financial governance arrangements. The Financial Regulations help members and officers to manage the Combined Authority’s finances in line with best practice.

Code of Corporate Governance

The Sheffield City Region Combined Authority and LEP adhere to a Code of Corporate Governance that describes how the public and private sector partnership directs and controls what it is accountable for. It is a public statement that sets out SCR’s commitment to good governance and the way in which the principles of good governance will be fulfilled in practice.

Procurement Policy

When undertaking any procurement, all Boards, Committees, members, officers and staff must comply with our Contract Procurement Rules. You can find current opportunities to supply goods and services to the Sheffield City Region on YORtender

Risk Management Policy

We are committed to managing risk responsibly and maintaining a risk management framework that identifies and assesses risks that threaten the achievement of our objectives. View our Risk Management Policy

Data Protection and Security

Due to the nature of our work and particularly in relation to appraising and awarding funding and grants to companies and individuals, we hold and process personal, financial and commercial data. This data is held and processed in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). View our Data Protection Policy

Sheffield City Region’s ICT services are supplied by SYPTE and staff are required to adhere to SYPTE’s IT Policy. This policy covers data, and network security.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct requires our Combined Authority to conform with the Seven Principles of Public Life – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

Register of Members’ Interests

You can view the Register of Interests for each Board member here. In addition, members are asked to declare any interest in specific agenda items at the start of each Board meeting. You can view the Declarations of Interest made at meetings on the links below:

Gifts and Hospitality

Our Gifts and Hospitality Policy requires Combined Authority Board Members to submit written notification of any gifts or hospitality with a value of £100 or more within 28 days of receiving that gift or hospitality. Written notification must be submitted to the Combined Authority’s Monitoring Officer.

Confidential Complaints Procedure

If you wish to make a complaint about a member of the Combined Authority, please contact the Deputy Monitoring Officer at:

The Deputy Monitoring Officer
South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat
Barnsley Town Hall,
Church Street
S70 2TA

View our Complaints Procedure.

Local Enterprise Partnership - Procedures

The Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the Sheffield City Region. The LEP has a key advisory role and works closely with the Mayoral Combined Authority to make strategic, policy and financial decisions.

The LEP Assurance Framework

Our Assurance Framework explains what activities and decisions the LEP, Mayor, Combined Authority and Thematic Boards are responsible for and outlines how we appraise, assess and approve projects and programmes for investment.

LEP Terms of Reference

Our LEP Terms of Reference outline the role and aims of the LEP Board and the duties of LEP Board members.

LEP Board Recruitment Process

All appointments for private sector LEP Board membership are made through an open, transparent, competitive and non-discriminatory process.

Equality and Diversity Policy

We value the diversity of our communities in the Sheffield City Region and recognise this as a huge asset. To find out more about our approach view our LEP Diversity Policy.

Code of Conduct

All LEP Board members proactively sign-up to the SCR LEP Code of Conduct when they are appointed to the Board, as a condition of their appointment.  Our Code of Conduct explicitly requires LEP Board members to conform with the Seven Principles of Public Life (Nolan principles) – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

SCR staff are required to sign the employee’s Code of Conduct as a condition of their employment.  By signing the Code of Conduct, SCR staff agree to carry out their duties in accordance with the Nolan principles.

Expenses Policy

LEP Board members are entitled to claim back travel and subsistence costs incurred whilst undertaking duties and responsibilities on behalf of the Sheffield City Region. Full details are available in the LEP Expenses Policy.

In line with our LEP Expenses Policy we publish quarterly reports on expenses claimed by members.  You can view the Quarterly Expenses Reports here.

Register of Members’ Interests

In line with our LEP Declaration of Interest Policy we publish details of our members interests. You can view the Register of Interests for each Board member here.

In addition, members are asked to declare any interest in specific agenda items at the start of each Board meeting. You can view the Declarations of Interest made at meetings here

Gifts and Hospitality

LEP Board members must notify the Sheffield City Region’s Managing Director in writing of all offers of hospitality and gifts. Further detail is available in the LEP Gifts and Hospitality Policy.

In line with our LEP Gifts and Hospitality Policy we publish quarterly reports of gifts and hospitality received with a value of more than £50.  You can view the Quarterly Gifts and Hospitality Reports here.

Whistleblowing Policy

Our LEP Whistleblowing Policy provides useful information on how to raise a concern, how the concern will be handled and how concerns will be dealt with sensitively and in confidence.

Confidential Complaints Procedure

To find out more about how to make a complaint and how we deal with any complaints received view our Confidential Complaints Policy.

LEP Policy Handbook
Requests for Information

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives you the right to request a copy of any information that a public sector organisation holds, including the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority.

What information will be available?

In our efforts to be as open and transparent as possible we publish information on our website so that it can be accessed by the public. This includes information published by the LEP. Details on the types of information we publish are in our SCR Publication Scheme and SCR Guide to Information.

How do I make a request?

If you would like to access information that we hold which is not published on our website, you can ask to see it. You will need to make a request to us in writing. To do this, you can email

Any information held by the Mayoral Combined Authority can be supplied unless subject to one of the 23 exceptions under the Act, which may mean we are unable to disclose the information you have requested due to confidentiality.

We respond to requests for information within 20 working days.

What happens when I make a request?

Providing we hold the information, and it is not subject to any exemptions we will try and provide you with the information as soon as possible or within 20 working days of receipt of the request.

What happens if the Combined Authority doesn’t understand my request?

If the Officer does not understand your request they will contact you direct to clarify what it is you want.

What does it cost?

The costs of supplying information in the form requested will be taken into consideration when individual requests are received. In some cases, a fee may be charged, which you will be made aware of prior to providing the information requested.

What happens if my request is refused?

We may refuse a request for information if it falls under one of the exemptions. If this is the case then the reply you receive will explain why.

We can also refuse a request if the cost of providing the information would be more than £450, if the request is vexatious, or if it is a repeated request for information from the same person.  However, we will not unreasonably withhold information.

If you are not satisfied with the decision you can ask for the decision to be reviewed. How you can do this will also be explained in the letter you receive.

If, after a review, we are still unable to provide the information you have requested you can ask the Information Commissioner to review that decision:

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Can I ask a question at a Mayoral Combined Authority Meeting?

Yes.  You can attend a meeting Mayoral Combined Authority and ask a question directly, please note that you will need to submit your question in advance of the meeting.

If you want to ask a question at a Mayoral Combined Authority meeting but are unable to make it to the meeting, arrangements can be made for an Officer to ask the question on your behalf and communicate the response to you in writing.

How can I ask a question at a Mayoral Combined Authority Meeting?

Questions must be received in writing by 12 noon, at least 7 days prior to the meeting.  Meeting dates can be found here 

You will need to give your name and postal address and how you would like us to contact you back, eg, email, letter or phone call.

All questions should be clear, concise and limited to a maximum of 100 words.

What happens after I have submitted my question?

You will be contacted by an Officer, using your preferred contact method, to inform you of arrangements for attending the meeting and asking your question on the day.

How many questions can I ask?

An applicant may ask a maximum of 2 questions in any 6 month period.

How do I make a complaint?

If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of the work overseen by the Mayoral Combined Authority, please write to or e-mail:

The Deputy Monitoring Officer
South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat
Barnsley Town Hall
Church Street
S70 7TA


Our Decisions & Expenditure
Transport Revenue Budget

The Combined Authority is responsible for approving the annual revenue budget prior to the start of the financial year within the Budget and Policy Framework. This includes setting the transport levy and estimating income and expenditure for the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE).

Revenue and Capital Expenditure

As the accountable body for the Local Enterprise Partnership, the Combined Authority also approves the LEP’s capital and revenue budget.

Capital Programme

The Combined Authority is also responsible for agreeing an annual programme of capital expenditure, together with proposals for the financing of that programme. This includes schemes promoted by both the Combined Authority and those directly managed by SYPTE.

Sheffield City Region Pay Grade Structure

Click here for the senior employee salary information for the current financial year:

Grants Awarded

All schemes and projects seeking capital investment from the Sheffield City Region undergo a thorough appraisal to assess the merits of the application, its strategic fit and value for money. Projects which have progressed through the appraisal process are presented to the Combined Authority Board for approval.

Items of Combined Authority Expenditure over £250

As part of our commitment to be open and transparent, we publish information on all payments made to suppliers and organisations that have a value of more than £250 on a monthly basis. View Payments to Suppliers

Please note that our expenditure is categorised using the Proclass system. This means that each supplier has a defined category which they are assigned, but this does not necessarily mean this is what we are buying. This data is provided for free reuse, including commercial reuse. The right for further use is covered by the Open Government License, published by the National Archives and as recommended by HM Government Data.

Corporate Card Spend

We publish information on all payments made on corporate cards on a monthly basis.
These payments are incorporated into the monthly payment listings of items of expenditure over £250 cross referenced “GPC”

Expenses and Member Allowances

No remuneration is paid to members of the Combined Authority Board, LEP Board or other committees established by the Sheffield City Region. Members are, however, entitled to claim back travel and subsistence costs incurred whilst undertaking duties and responsibilities on behalf of the Sheffield City Region.

In line with our LEP Expenses Policy we publish quarterly reports on expenses claimed by members.  You can view the Quarterly Expenses Reports here.

Contracts Register

We are committed to publishing details of all contracts and agreements in place. This information can be found by following the link here.

LEP Delivery Plan

As part of the annual budget setting process, at the start of each financial year the LEP identifies projects and initiatives that will be delivered during the year.  We publish this information in a LEP Delivery Plan alongside information on the LEP’s strategic priorities for investment.  You can view the LEP Delivery Plan 2019-20 here.

Annual Statement of Accounts

All finalised capital and revenue expenditure and income for the Sheffield City Region is detailed in the Annual Statement of Accounts.

Notice of Public Rights for Inspection of the SCRMCA Annual 2018-19 Accounts

SCRMCA’s Accounts for 2018/19 can be found here.

SCR’s Final Audited Accounts for 2017/18 can be found here.

You can also download the Annual Statement of Accounts for previous financial years here

Annual Governance Statement

The Annual Governance Statement explains the processes and procedures in place to enable the Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership to carry out their functions effectively. The 2017-18 Annual Governance Statement is contained within the 2017-18 Annual Statement of Accounts. It can also be found at the link above.

Annual Assurance Statement from LEP Chair and Chief Executive

As part of the annual review by Government each year, each LEP is required to produce a written statement on the status of governance and transparency.

The Annual Assurance Statement – LEP Chair and SCR Managing Director outlines the actions that have been taken over the last year to strengthen our governance arrangements and improve our transparency.

Annual Report from Section 73 Officer

As part of the annual review by Government each year, the lead Financial Officer is required to produce a written statement on the LEP’s financial management processes.

The Annual Assurance Statement – Section 73 Officer explains the measures that have been put in place over the last year to control and monitor LEP funding and expenditure.

External Audit

To ensure that we are being efficient and effective in our use of public money and resources, we appoint an external auditor to review the operations of the organisation every year.

Quarterly Monitoring

We undertake quarterly monitoring of financial performance and capital programme delivery during each year to ensure that the overall spending of the Combined Authority is within available resources.

Submissions to Government

LEP Review 2018

Find below Sheffield City Region’s response to the Government on the LEP Review:

These submissions were made on behalf of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership.



The Local Enterprise Partnership and Combined Authority meet on six weekly cycles.
To see agendas and papers for these meetings follow the link below.