Business, Professional & Financial Services Sector Group


The L.E.P’s vision of the Business, Professional & Professional Services Sector Group, set out in the Economic Overview, is as follows:

To capture the growth potential of the business, professional and financial service sector by focusing on the development and marketing of our distinctive strengths, backed by the quality of life and place the Sheffield City Region has to offer.


In June 2013, the L.E.P established this new Sector Group to cover Business, Professional & Financial Services.

This decision recognises that the Business, Professional & Financial Services sector is forecasted to continue to expand, creating hundreds of new jobs in the Sheffield City Region. The sector has an economic output of almost £2.5 billion and employs 73,000 people in the Sheffield City Region.

The Group is still in its infancy but is already contributing to the City Region’s emerging Growth Plan. Businesses interested in joining the group can find out more by emailing the City Region’s sector group lead.

Sector Group Chair

The Business, Professional & Financial Services Sector Group is chaired by Giles Searby, partner in Sheffield-based solicitors hlw Keeble Hawson. Read all about Giles here