Local Transport Body

What is the ‘LTB’?

The Local Transport Body (LTB) was the body responsible for making and overseeing key infrastructure investment decisions in the Sheffield City Region. This body has now been incorporated with the remit of the Combined Authority which was established in April 2014.


On 23 January 2013, the Department for Transport announced a ten-year allocation of major scheme transport funding for Sheffield City Region.

This funding is to be spent on major infrastructure projects and will form part of the Sheffield City Region Investment Fund (SCRIF). SCRIF is a framework of funding streams to deliver essential strategic infrastructure to increase economic growth and jobs in the Sheffield City Region.

To satisfy the Department for Transport that Sheffield City Region is able to allocate and spend the funding appropriately, Sheffield City Region has established a body to make key decisions regarding this funding and to oversee investments. This body was known as the Sheffield City Region Local Transport Body (SCR LTB) and is now incorperated with the remit of the Combined Authority.

Department for Transport office in London

Further Detail

The Sheffield City Region Assurance Framework sets out the role and remit of the SCR Combined Authority for this funding, including detail of its strategic objectives, membership, operating principles and key policies and procedures.

Publication and Publicity

Meetings of the SCR Combined Authority are held in public. Agendas and papers are published five working days in advance of each meeting and minutes are published within five working days of each meeting taking place.


Members of the public planning on attending an Combined Authority meeting should contact Craig Tyler on: 01226 772824 or CTyler@syjs.gov.uk to confirm and to advise of any special access requirements.

Agendas and Papers

Agendas and papers for the Combined Authority meetings can be found here  http://www.southyorks.gov.uk/webcomponents/jsec.aspx

Questions and Comments

If you have any queries regarding the SCR IIB please contact:

0114 254 1335