Sport, Leisure and Tourism Sector Group


The vision for the Sport, Leisure and Tourism Sector Group is as follows:

To further develop Sheffield City Region’s reputation as a world-class destination for sport, leisure and tourism businesses and talent, whilst continuing to grow a significant visitor and tourism economy that will not only create jobs and wealth, but also provide a global platform for marketing the region.

Aims and Objectives

The objective of the Sport, Leisure and Tourism group is to further develop the region’s reputation as a world-class destination for sports and leisure, whilst growing the tourism economy to create jobs, wealth and a global platform for marketing the area.

The sector has a very solid foundation to build on. Sport, active leisure and tourism has a total economic value in excess of £800 million generating over 50,000 jobs for the City Region.

The Group aims to use the Sport, Leisure and Tourism industry to raise aspirations and inspire young people. This sector can quickly provide basic skills facilitating flexible entry into the labour market with clear progression routes.

Sector Group Chairman: Yuri Matischen

Yuri Matischen is Chairman of the LEP Sector Group for Sport, Leisure and Tourism. Yuri is Managing Director and shareholder of MLS – a sports and leisure consultancy and events company based in Sheffield.

Yuri Matischen Chamber President Photo
Yuri Matischen


Priority projects

To strengthen the sector, the sector group has prioritised the following opportunities:

  • Ensure that we have a sustainable major events programme
  • Develop a family-based visitor experience of national significance
  • Promote a high quality conference and exhibition experience
  • Create an internationally acclaimed sports and leisure zone
  • Develop a health and fitness culture across city region organisations