Boeing Sheffield Launch Speech

Boeing Sheffield Launch Speech

Speech delivered at Boeing Sheffield on 25/10/18

Thank you to Sir Michael, Jenette and Greg for their words. It is a great pleasure to join you here this morning at the launch of Boeing Sheffield.

Two weeks ago I joined colleagues at the opening of three new advanced manufacturing research centres – just metres away from this new facility.

Earlier this morning I was at the launch of a new tram-train system for the region, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Today, we are here once again at the heart of the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District at the launch of Boeing Sheffield.

In November I will join colleagues at the launch of McLaren’s new facility.

Something special is happening.

What is emerging is a compelling story that this is a region that is resurgent. We’re witnessing a first time in a generation growth in advanced manufacturing and engineering jobs.

And we’re adding entirely new chapters to this region’s great innovation, research and “making” story.


And I am personally delighted that it is Boeing, who for 80 years have worked with us in the United Kingdom, with our Armed Forces, and with British manufacturing, that are helping us write this new chapter.

Politician’s come, and go, but there is an enduring special relationship between our countries.

As a former soldier in the British Army I have stood shoulder to shoulder with American servicemen and women in conflicts around the world.

And from personal experience I can think of no better friend, or partner than the United States and its businesses.


We are a region that is already embedded in the fabric of the modern world.

In bridges. In railways. In skyscrapers. In nuclear power stations. In jet engines. In cars. In ships. In medical instruments.

And now in, or more accurately on, the wings of Boeing planes!

We are a region at the very heart of the United Kingdom, superbly connected to the national rail network, close to Manchester, York, Leeds and London with connectivity through road, rail and air and connected to the international sea ports of Hull and the Humber.

We have a set of potentially globally significant assets;

where we are today – the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District,

Doncaster Sheffield Airport,

a growing band of global manufacturers

an innovative indigenous business base,

the National College for High Speed Rail, the AMRC Training Centre, a growing digital tech sector and two Universities that are deeply rooted in our economic and social fabric.

And this is why I have been developing a vision for a Global Innovation Corridor that draws these strengths together – and harnesses them to build a sum that is even greater than its parts.

The Global Innovation Corridor will be based on our region’s capabilities – our specialisms in composites and new materials,

in 3D printing, in machining,

in forging and in casting.

The Global Innovation Corridor will connect the region more effectively to the UKs fastest growing airport.

It will attract new global investors and it will connect the business community to the opportunities of being part of global supply chains.

And it will position our businesses to compete in sectors such as energy, aerospace, automotive and rail engineering.

And Boeing Sheffield will be central to this.

Our region will work with you to,

develop businesses to become part of your supply chain.

to work with colleges and universities to build the best manufacturing and engineering workforce in the world.

to make sure our public transport system gets your workforce here on time

and that our transport network seamlessly moves your products around the world.

So, in the Sheffield City Region you have a committed partner.

This is a region with its best days in front of it – rather than behind.

We’re putting in place the right assets, developing the right people and growing and attracting the right businesses.

And we’re doing it by focusing on what we’re good at.

Indeed, the work we’re doing here is the living, breathing embodiment of Greg’s Local Industrial Strategy vision.

Greg – you are welcome!

Well done to all who have contributed to today.

Particularly Kevin Bennett from Sheffield City Council,

the Local Enterprise Partnership who have contributed vital funding,

the Secretary of State who has always been a strong advocate for the region,

and of course Professor Keith Ridgway, the architect and driving force behind the University of Sheffield’s AMRC relationship with Boeing.

And last of all to Boeing for your investment and your commitment to this region.

My thanks – and congratulations to you all.

Thank you.

– Mayor Dan Jarvis