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A skilled workforce is the key to successful businesses and a successful city region. With two world-class universities, a host of further education colleges and an array of apprenticeships and adult learning opportunities, we are well placed to support business growth through skills investment.

With around 14,000 new apprentices every year, many colleges and training providers delivering training to young people and adults, and thousands of employers looking to upskill their workforce, the issue of skills is critical to all that we do in the Sheffield City Region.

Skills Bank

Skills Bank is a programme developed by the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership which matches private sector investment in skills training with public funding to help businesses invest in their workforce and improve their productivity. Funding is available to businesses that make a strong case for how the investment will deliver growth.

To help businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Skills Bank team have set up two new strands of its programme for those companies working through the crisis, or businesses directly helping with the government’s Covid-19 strategy.

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Working Win

Working Win provides guidance for people needing employment support in South Yorkshire and advice for employers.

For information on employment support programmes for those looking for work and resources for employers on how best to support employees head to

Health-led Employment Trial

Between May 2018 and October 2019, more than 6000 people signed up to Working Win: the health-led employment trial. In partnership with the NHS, the ground-breaking research trial was designed to test a new type of employment support for people with a health condition.

The trial aims to find out how good this new service is at helping people to find and stay in work. It is a randomised control trial meaning those who signed up were randomly placed into one of two research groups. One group received the new service and the other group were provided with information about existing services in their area.

The evaluation of the health-led employment trial will be released in 2022, find out more about the health-led employment trial. 

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