Case Study – Burngreave Building Company

The Skills Bank is an exciting new service which invests in skills and expertise to drive business growth. The Skills Bank will bring about a new culture in the skills system by empowering employers to choose and invest in the skills that they need. It is a £17 million fund, comprising of funding from the European Social Fund and Growth Funding.

Burngreave Building Company, based in Sheffield, is just one of the many businesses that have applied for funding with the Skills Bank and are now seeing the benefits of the training courses.  The company is a building roofing and maintenance contractor and has grown from 6 to 70 in fifteen years after deciding to expand into commercial properties, including universities and housing associations. Gary Adshead, Director, said that they’re now “working extremely hard to expand to get to over 100 people.” The Skills Bank invests in the skills of employees in the region to help drive business growth. Gary feels that the “partnership with the Skills Bank will help us to get where we want to get to.”

Burngreave Building Company have now received training for two courses – Site Supervisor’s Training Scheme (SSTS) and First Aid training –  and have started to see the benefits on their organisation in terms of business growth and upskilling their workforce. In addition their funding application for Asbestos training has now been approved, which will allow staff to complete testing onsite, increasing efficiency and profits.

Experience of the SCR Skills Bank

The Skills Bank has designed to be employer friendly and our team of dedicated Skills Bank Brokers can provide a bespoke service, tailored to the need’s of the employer, and complete a face-to-face visit to support an employer with their application. Once Gary has registered on the website he was assigned a broker who came out to visit him: “He came down, showed me how to navigate it, how to put a plan together, showed me what skills I needed. We went through the whole deal and put a package together – it was absolutely amazing.” The Skills Bank empowers employees to take ownership over developing the skills and expertise in their business. Gary said that the Skills Bank means “you can choose what you want to do, when you want to do it and how many people you want to put through it.”

Impact on Burngreave Building Company of the SCR Skills Bank

The Skills Bank invests in the skills of employees in the region in order to drive business growth. Many businesses have already benefitted from this service and we will continue to support many more in the region. With over 150 employees already in training, the Skills Bank have thousands more expected to undertake training within the next year. Malcolm Corbett, contracts manager at Burngreave, explained how the training has helped him to develop professionally and grow the business: “Skills Bank training has progressed my career. Learning more about things I probably wouldn’t have previously. Learning the skills for the environmental running on sites, have developed my careers a contract manager and helped us to develop the companies business by winning more contracts. First aid is I believe paramount to every company because If anything happens on site you can be there to deal with it.”

To find out more about the Sheffield City Region Skills Bank and check your eligibility, visit our website at: