Case Study – JRG Fitness

The Skills Bank is an exciting new service which invests in skills and expertise to drive business growth. The Skills Bank will bring about a new culture in the skills system by empowering employers to choose and invest in the skills that they need. It is a £17 million fund, comprising of funding from the European Social Fund and Growth Funding.

JRG Fitness are one of the many local businesses in the Sheffield City Region benefitting from Skills Bank funding. JRG Fitness was set up and is run by Jodie Goodall as a sole trader, offering local fitness classes and personal training in the Sheffield and Rotherham area. JRG are aiming to expand their business to offer kids and family fitness classes and eventually open their own gym to facilitate all the classes.

JRG have received funding for two different training courses through the Skills Bank, with the aim of increasing their skills in order to offer more services and expand. Their first training course (Certificate in Personal Training) has been completed and JRG are already starting to see the benefits from this training. In a few months’ time, JRG will complete their second training course (Fitness Instructing – Exercise and physical activity for Children), this will allow them to target another market and promote the idea of family fitness.

Experience of the SCR Skills Bank

The Skills Bank process has been designed to be employer friendly, with employers receiving regular updates and an outcome about their funding between 2-3 weeks after they have submitted their application. Jodie Goodall at JRG, said “I registered online which was very quick, easy and simple to use. My experience overall was a successful one because I was given full support throughout the process by the team. I’d definitely recommend the service to everyone out there”.  The Skills Bank have a dedicated team of relationship managers and brokers, each employer will be allocated a team member who will support them every step of the way from registering on our website to submitting their application. Jodie said, “When completing the full application, I got in touch directly with a team member who was really useful and provided some great advice on how to complete the application. Having that support made the process a lot easier and led to my successful applications”

Impact on JRG Fitness of the SCR Skills Bank

The Skills Bank invests in the skills of employees in the region in order to drive business growth. Many businesses have already benefitted from this service and we will continue to support many more in the region. With over 150 employees already in training, the Skills Bank have thousands more expected to undertake training within the next year. The impact of this training has already been positive for JRG, Jodie said, “The training has allowed me to bring in new techniques and skills to my classes, improving my service and attracting new clients’. The Skills Bank not only aims for business growth, but also personal development in employees. Jodie said “Through securing funding from the Skills Bank and completing the training, I now feel I have the expertise and confidence to deliver a service that exceeds client expectations. It has helped me to expand my business and teach a greater variety of people, helping me to work towards my goal of opening my own gym. This will enable me to create more jobs in the region and contribute to the economic growth in the area”

To find out more about the Sheffield City Region Skills Bank and check your eligibility, visit our website at: