The new digital

New possibilities, new cultures, new paradigms – together offering cost savings, new products, rapid innovation.

Cloud computing offers a new model for ICT (Information and Computer Technology) services – flexible pay-as-you-use rather than fixed contracts, for software, for platform, for infrastructure.

Cloud computing also allows massive amounts of data from multiple sources to be brought together and analysed, providing previously impossible intelligence and automation. Ubiquitous mobile connectivity, and the ever-increasing power of mobile devices, are changing the nature and range of services available.

Associated with these technologies are new ways of working, in particular agile development and open collaboration, fueling more and faster innovation.

What is CloudCity?

CloudCity is one of Sheffield City Region LEP’s principal workstreams. It brings the benefits of these new digital technologies and cultures to the city region’s economy, in particular to its key sectors.

Another way to put it is that CloudCity is bringing the entire innovation supply chain together, to increase both the amount and the speed of innovation in Sheffield City Region.

What CloudCity is actually doing?

Like the technologies involved, CloudCity evolves rapidly. Its current focus is twofold:

  • Co-designing solutions and products with and for our key sector groups
  • Working with all the city region’s sector groups, we are identifying areas where digital technologies and cultures can improve their collective productivity, market share, and profit. By July 2013 we will have an outline business case for one such solution, which we will then take forward to full development as a proof of concept, allowing others to follow in rapid succession.

dotforge Accelerator programme

dotforge is a high-intensity mentored start-up programme, built on the very successful ‘Y-Combinator’ and ‘Tech Stars’ model. The first cycle is running from April to July, with six start-ups, engaging 10 private sector investors, 70 private sector mentors, and partially funded by Creative England.

We have recently started developing ideas for a substantial widening and deepening of dotforge.

Who runs CloudCity?

The programme is led by two LEP Board members, entrepreneur Lee Strafford and the Leader of Barnsley Council, Cllr Steve Houghton CBE. It is managed by senior officers from Sheffield and Barnsley Councils, supported by a Steering Group from both public and private sectors.

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