Devolution Consultation

Devolution Consultation

The devolution consultation closed on Sunday 15th March. Thank you to all those who completed it.


Why are we consulting?

Devolution is about transferring money and powers from central government; so that more decisions are made locally, which would otherwise be made nationally. Securing extra powers means that more decisions about your place will be made by the locally-elected Mayor and the Mayoral Combined Authority (including your council Leaders).

In 2015 a Devolution Deal was negotiated between local council leaders and central Government. The Deal offered new powers relating to economic development and an additional £30m of funding a year for the benefit of South Yorkshire, to improve infrastructure, transport, skills and housing.

Taking forward the South Yorkshire Deal requires some changes to the way the Mayoral Combined Authority already works. We want to know your views on the devolution of these powers and resources in South Yorkshire.

What is a Mayoral Combined Authority?

In May 2018, a new Mayor was elected for South Yorkshire. The Mayor is the chair of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority, which includes Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Sheffield City Council. Residents in these four areas vote for the Mayor on a four-yearly cycle. The Mayoral Combined Authority works on issues like skills, transport and regeneration.

The Future

Subject to the South Yorkshire Devolution Deal being completed, the Government has agreed to progress discussions on the role and functions of a Committee of Leaders from across Yorkshire. All South Yorkshire councils, subject to the completion of a parliamentary process, will have the opportunity to join any wider Yorkshire devolution arrangement if they choose to do so.

All members of the Mayoral Combined Authority support the devolution of more powers and resources to benefit people across South Yorkshire and support the right of each individual council to the achievement of their individual devolution ambitions.

Have Your Say

To help us develop our ideas we have undertaken a detailed review. These are set out in detail in our Governance Review and Scheme. This document can be viewed here.

We want to know what you think about these proposed new powers and changes to the way we work.

More information on the respective devolution positions of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield councils is available below:

Barnsley Council

Statement from Cllr Sir Steve Houghton CBE, Leader of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council:

“Getting the right devolution deal for the people of Barnsley has always been a priority for the council.

The residents and businesses of Barnsley have clearly stated that they want the broadest possible Yorkshire footprint for devolution. We’ve worked tirelessly with other Yorkshire Leaders, local people and businesses to make Government understand the positive impact that a wider Yorkshire deal could bring to our region and the country.

Earlier this month, Yorkshire Leaders recognised that a stepped approach may be required to achieve this through the establishment of a Yorkshire Committee (as proposed by the Prime Minister). This committee would provide strategic co-ordination across the region, supported by a number of interim funding arrangements at the sub regional level.

It’s positive news that the Government will continue work with Yorkshire councils to establish a Yorkshire Committee on the basis that the South Yorkshire devolution deal is brought to a positive conclusion, with Barnsley and Doncaster having the opportunity to join any full Yorkshire devolution at a future date. We plan to continue to be part of the South Yorkshire devolution deal on an interim basis, allowing us to progress with unlocking significant opportunities and investment for Barnsley, and South Yorkshire.

Our goal is to be part of a wider Yorkshire devolution deal in the future, and we’re committed to making the Yorkshire committee a success.”

Doncaster Council

Statement from Mayor Ros Jones, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council:

“In 2017 Doncaster residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of a wider Yorkshire devolution deal (85%). Pursuing a Yorkshire wide deal is still very much our intention.

The letter from the Secretary of State Robert Jenrick allows us to continue to progress with our One Yorkshire devolution ambitions whilst also accessing the funds, resources and powers that were originally promised through the SCR deal, unlocking significant opportunities and investment for Doncaster and South Yorkshire. The funding will be for the four South Yorkshire Authorities rather than the original nine and will continue until the wider devolution arrangements are agreed.”

Rotherham Council

Statement from Cllr Chris Read, Leader of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council:

“Rotherham Council has supported the devolution of powers from national government to local areas and has consistently pushed for the implementation of the devolution deal for South Yorkshire, on the basis that this will secure funding to create jobs and opportunities for our communities. 

Rotherham is one of the fastest growing economies in Yorkshire and devolution will accelerate that growth, putting us alongside many other similar parts of the country which are already benefiting from devolution settlements.

The council has stated that, once the deal has been completed, it would consider any future devolution deal that may be negotiated.”

Sheffield Council

Statement from Cllr Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council:

“At its heart, devolution is about people and getting greater local control over more of the things that impact on our lives – such as buses and transport, jobs, skills and training – so that we can make them work better for our places and our communities.

Sheffield has worked hard alongside the other authorities in South Yorkshire to secure new money and powers from Government, which will give more of a local say over things that matter to people living and working in our city, towns and neighbourhoods.

The Devolution Deal is the best opportunity we have to get the investment we need in our economy, our transport network and in vital skills and training so that people in our communities can use their talents to get good jobs in our local economy.

Sheffield is, and always has been, fully committed to the South Yorkshire Devolution Deal as it remains the best and only deal we have available to us. It is in the interests of Sheffield and across South Yorkshire.”