Securing powers and resources

A journey to greater devolution of powers and resources to the city region

Sheffield City Region has a proud track record of working to secure economic growth. Through our strong public-private partnership we have secured local control over a range of previously national funds and secured some freedoms and flexibility on previously nationally run projects, particularly those focusing on skills and infrastructure to enable us to try and do things differently. The results of this approach are bearing fruit.

We firmly believe that it is only through locally developed solutions that we can genuinely transform our economy into one that drives national economic growth. Much has been achieved to date, yet we are committed to continuing to secure the powers and resources from national government to enable us to go further.

Local politicians and business leaders have agreed to transfer national powers and control over funding to the Sheffield City Region and to the creation of a new metro-mayor for the city region. This marked another step in the journey that the Sheffield City Region has taken over the last five years in securing greater control over its own economic affairs.

The full agreement can be accessed here: SCR-Devolution-Agreement-2015