Employer Voice Consultation

Published 15th February 2016 at 4:06pm

In the Summer  of 2015 we undertook an Employer Voice consultation which coincided with the agreement of a devolution deal for the City Region with central government and, as a result, the development of an Outcomes Agreement to inform the allocation of the devolved Adult Skills Budget over the next three years.

Your feedback was, therefore, very significant in that context and to move our thinking on what a skills system for the City Region could look like:

What you told us:

  • Clarify what ownership looks like;
  • Establish clear principles of involvement, so that employers are clear on the deal;
  • Build on what works – focus on where the employer energy already exists;
  • Be clear on what success looks like (in terms of outcomes);
  • Build the skills offer around a clear, employer-led purpose – the “burning platform” or the “big win”.

Our response:

  • Develop a framework of employer ownership and roles employers can play in the SCR skills system;
  • Develop a cyclical process by which employers/ employer groups can be engaged, involved and consulted in the development of skills priorities;
  • Pilot the development of skills priorities statements with two self-selecting employer groups, focusing on where the energy already exists;
  • Invite employer groups to develop skills priorities statements for the Outcomes Agreement for 2017/18.

We have developed the framework of employer ownership, identifying where and how employers can and do contribute to the current skills system and the benefits of that contribution for employers:

Employer Ownership Model (PDF file)

We have also developed an annual cycle of consultation for employers to influence the Outcomes Agreement and the Delivery Agreements.  We will publish further detail in the next few months but in brief, it will be possible to influence the Outcomes Agreement at three distinct points in the annual cycle:

Stage 1 – Feed in skills priorities via a skills priorities statement – June to August

Stage 2 – Consultation on draft Outcomes Agreement – November to December

Stage 3 – Feed into Delivery Agreement consultation by providers – December/January

We will be piloting activity around the development of the skills priorities statements over the spring.  Please keep an eye on the SCR website for further information on the Outcomes Agreement and how you can get involved.  Please contact Krysia Wooffinden at krysia.wooffinden@sheffieldcityregion.org.uk  if you require further information.