Funding and Tender Opportunities

Funding and tender opportunities currently available for schemes and proposals in the SCR are set out on this page:


All of our SCR tender opportunities are advertised on YORtender.

Have a look at the YORtender website here to find out about current opportunities.

SCR Funding Opportunities
Sheffield City Region – Skills Bank Phase 2, call to appoint a Managing Agent

The ESFA, on behalf of Sheffield City Region (SCR) have issued a commissioning call for a Managing Agent to set up, manage and run Skills Bank Phase 2 and is now open on the ESFAs e-procurement site Bravo.

The call can be found here, users will need to log in to access the ITT and then express an interest in order to see the full call.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 31st October 2018.

 Bidders workshop

In connection with this call SCR have arranged a workshop to support potential suppliers with the bidding process, the workshop will take place at 12 noon on Monday 15 October and will cover the vision and aims of the project as well as some of the practicalities of how the project will work, there will also be an opportunity for bidders to ask questions. Please note this event is for potential managing agents only, an event will be held later in the year for providers interested in delivering training through Skills Bank Phase 2.

The event, which is restricted to one person per organisation, is offered on a first come first served basis, to register to attend the event please access via the link below:



Useful Documents

Sheffield City Region- Local Growth Fund , Skills Capital Commissioning Call

The Skills Capital Commissioning Call is now closed. We will be in touch within the next couple of weeks. 

The Sheffield City Region (SCR) Local Growth Fund (LGF), Skills Capital Commissioning Call (SCCC) 2018-21 is now open for the submission of Strategic Business Cases.

The full call can be found here

The deadline for submission is 5pm Fri 21st September, all submissions must be made via email to callsubmissions@sheffieldcityregion.org.uk

The Strategic Business Case (SBC) can be found here

Useful documents.

In addition to the LGF Skills Capital Commissioning Call and SBC please also see below for links to the Sheffield City Region Strategic Economic Plan, STEM Curriculum Review and a DRAFT Full Business Case for information

Transport and Infrastructure (e.g. broadband, energy, business parks, regeneration and public realm, flood defences and strategic acquisitions)

The SCR is mid-way through its LGF programme and we refresh our pipeline of schemes regularly. Do you have an innovative project which would deliver on our key priorities? If so, please click on the link below to give us more details and we will get back to you.

Please email the complete form to callsubmissions@sheffieldcityregion.org.uk

Click Here
Business Growth

We have an established process for businesses seeking financial support to grow in the City Region. Please contact our Access to Finance team at the Sheffield City Region Growth Hub:

Click Here
European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) - Current Calls

Sheffield City Region has an allocation of just over €200 million of funding through the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) to invest in projects and initiatives between 2014 and 2020.

Our European Structural Investment Fund Strategy sets out how we intend to invest ESIF resources. You can also find more information on the SCR ESIF Sustainable Urban Development Strategy please click here

Part of the ESIF funding is allocated through ‘calls’. This is where we invite funding applications for a particular theme or initiative outlined in our ESIF Plan. All calls are published on our website here and on the Government’s ESIF website https://www.gov.uk/european-structural-investment-funds

Two calls are currently published: Community Innovation Grants and Socially Inclusive Self Employment. If you require any technical assistance, please contact:

Paul Bareham: Paul.bareham@doncaster.gov.uk 01302 736738, or
Stacy Chaplin: Stacey.chaplin@doncaster.gov.uk 01302 862310

Current Tenders
Sheffield City Region: Provision of Non-Executive Chair and Vice Chair Recruitment Services

Until 28/02/2019, deadline: 05/10/2019

Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund

Find below Sheffield City Region’s response to the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund, call for proposals:

This bid submission was made on behalf of the Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority.