Strategic Economic Plan

Sheffield City Region (SCR) is developing a new Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and a Local Industrial Strategy (LIS). These will outline how we plan to improve the prosperity of our people, our businesses and therefore our region.

The existing SEP sets out the City Region’s plans to transform the local economy between 2015-2025. Good progress has been made against the original ambitions but there is more to do. A lot has changed since the original strategy was published and it is time to reassess our priorities. Developing a new strategy presents the opportunity to do this.

Evidence for the refreshed Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and Local Industrial Strategy (LIS)

Economic evidence shows that Sheffield City Region is growing but not at the rate required to transform the lives of our people. A focus on our productivity performance is revealing how this is constraining our growth potential. Click here to see SCR’s growing productivity and how we perform compared to other Local Enterprise Partnership areas in England.

Using publicly available data on productivity, this graphic (accessed here) shows that if productivity performance improved our economy would be much larger, which will positively impact on our wellbeing.

Evidence documents and workbooks

Collating evidence to identify our economic challenges and identify opportunities for future change is a continual process. The emerging economic strategy (the LIS and SEP) will draw upon a detailed evidence base to ensure that decision making supports inclusive growth.

We would like you to please take some time to consider the evidence we have gathered. We welcome your views and what other evidence we should analyse. We will also like to hear from you on what you feel our economic priorities should be.

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