Our Priorities

70,000 jobs, 6,000 businesses and an extra £3.1bn GVA

Sheffield City Region Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are the bodies responsible for delivering economic growth and jobs across the region. We work across a range of thematic areas, all with one single objective in mind; a bigger, stronger private sector. These objectives and our thematic priorities are captured in our Strategic Economic Plan.

Facilitating that growth will require up to £28bn of public and private investment in major infrastructure schemes. The Sheffield City Region’s Integrated Infrastructure Plan is our plan for making sure that we secure this investment and manage our infrastructure needs over the coming decades.

Skills, employment and education

Our aim is to be a city region that provides inclusive growth and progression opportunities for all, enabling individuals and employers to reach their potential, drive productivity and contribute to our economic success.

We want to deliver a step change in our labour market that builds on the progress of recent years to deliver jobs and skills in every part of the City Region. This includes helping those furthest away from the labour market, increasing levels of technical training and ensuring that we have the type of businesses demanding the higher-level skills that will drive improvements in overall prosperity and opportunity.


The Future ESF Employment and Skills Programme

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Skills Bank

Skills Bank is a programme developed by the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership which matches private sector investment in skills training with public funding to help businesses invest in their workforce and improve their productivity. Funding is available to businesses that make a strong case for how the investment will deliver growth.

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Business growth

Whilst private sector jobs growth is now powering the economy forward we still have an enterprise deficit – with fewer businesses starting, innovating, exporting or growing to their full potential.

To overcome this challenge we want to grow our business base by an additional 6,000 new businesses during the course of our 10 year Strategic Economic Plan.

We have, therefore, set up the Growth Hub to act as a single point of access for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking support to start and scale.

We’re working with partners on shaping our industry led research specialisms to cultivate innovative enterprises that will thrive in a globally connected economy.

We’ve promoted the Region’s unique characteristics, the enterprise benefits available through our programmes, and we are attracting the businesses that will help grow our economy.

It is from these successes that we will continue to address the economic challenges that our businesses and region face.

Housing and Infrastructure

Only through a coordinated approach to infrastructure and housing investment will we deliver our economic growth ambitions.

Our current investment plan is delivering £650m investment to 2020, creating transport capacity, revitalising our urban centres, building new homes and supporting employment land development.

Our Integrated Infrastructure Plan sets out a plan to develop an enhanced and efficient transport network, strong digital connectivity, defence against flooding, a sustainable cost effective energy supply, quality new homes and readily available commercial space.

Securing freedoms, flexibilities and funding from Government remains an important part of our approach and we continue to explore new and innovative models of investment and delivery, guided by a more strategic approach.

We’ve developed our own Housing Fund, shaped and allocated based on locally set criteria and available over a longer timeframe. It complements and plugs the gap in current national housing investment programmes, helping to unlock development opportunities, and deliver much-needed new homes across the city region.

See below for information on our current schemes:



Sheffield City Region working to create a transport system that’s fit for the 21st century.

We will build a transport system that works for everyone, connecting people to the places they want to go within the region as well as nationally and internationally. Our transport system will be safe, reliable, clean, green and affordable. Click here to read more about SCR’s transport plans.

The Mayor’s transport vision sets out how we are going to transform the region’s transport network. By 2040 we will be a City Region with comprehensive, effective and integrated transport connections, which support economic growth and improve quality of life for all.

Following the appointment of our Active Travel Commissioner, Dame Sarah Storey, through active travel schemes we want to improve residents’ health, the environment and tackle congestion on our road network.

We intend to improve our bus system so that it works for all and have launched a Bus Review that will be Chaired by Clive Betts MP. Fill in our survey here.

You can find our Transport Strategy here.

Click here to read the Integrated Rail Plan.

Trade and Investment

Securing new inward investors into the city region is a priority for the Sheffield City Region.

A small team of inward investment specialists targets potential investors across the UK and overseas. The team focus on selling the strengths of the region, our land and property offer especially our Enterprise Zone sites and the research specialists housed in our two world class universities.

The team works alongside other organisations across the whole of the Sheffield City Region, including the existing business support agencies of the eight local authorities, private sector partners, the chambers of commerce and the two leading universities in the city region.

Promoting the City Region

We’re a city region that’s going places…and we want the world to know it.

Each year we promote the Sheffield City Region at MIPIM, the world’s biggest real estate conference, in the south of France. We do this to secure investment, make new contacts with international decision-makers and shout about our city region on the world stage.

We were also proud to host the Horasis China Meeting in November 2017, which brought over 300 delegates from across the world to Sheffield City Region, and we regularly host events across the UK and the world to meet those people who can help us to make our vision a reality. Watch what happened here


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