Investors’ Overview

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The Sheffield City Region is at the forefront of the UK’s industrial and entrepreneurial development and was recently described by the Secretary of State as being “at the heart” of Britain’s continued economic growth.

With an economy bigger than some European countries, the Sheffield City Region is a significant economic power. The area is home to almost 1.8 million people contributing to a GVA of £25.7bn.

The City Region consists of a number of modern manufacturing and technology sectors which are vital to the UK’s future economic progress, supported by locally based high calibre professional services, universities and colleges specialising in healthcare, engineering and digital courses.

The Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone was one of the first zones in Britain to be given the official go-ahead by the UK Government. This decision was seen as a glowing endorsement of the City Region’s strong reputation as a hub for international business and a reflection of the Government’s confidence in the City Region’s plans to concentrate on advanced manufacturing and technology.

The Sheffield City Region is home to a number of global brands associated with advanced manufacturing and materials technology, serving key international markets including Rolls-Royce, Firth Rixson and Boeing. These are supported by a number of key manufacturers which export the ‘Made in Sheffield’ brand all over the world.