Bus Review Invitation to submit written evidence

Bus Review Invitation to submit written evidence

Clive Betts, Chair of the South Yorkshire Bus Review, and the panel of commissioners are inviting interested parties to submit written evidence as part of the review’s call for evidence. This is ahead of oral evidence sessions which will be held after all written evidence has been received and considered. The panel would welcome submissions in relation to the key lines of enquiry, supported by factual information and/or verifiable evidence where possible. Submissions do not need to include responses to all lines of enquiry and interested parties can select the most relevant/applicable lines of enquiry they wish to respond to.

The bus review survey will still be available for members of the public and community organisations to complete. This short survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete and will provide the panel with useful information about how people use buses and their views about the current network in South Yorkshire.

In March 2019 Sheffield City Region Mayor (Dan Jarvis) appointed Clive Betts (MP for Sheffield South East) independent chair of the South Yorkshire bus review that is examining all aspects of the region’s bus transport system and services. The review will provide the Mayor with independent assessment of:

  • The current condition of the commercial bus and community transport sector in South Yorkshire, including the reasons for the decline in both registered bus services and bus passenger numbers;
  • The social, environmental and economic impacts of this decline in bus services and passenger numbers; and
  • The steps which should be taken to ensure commercial bus and community transport services meet the needs of South Yorkshire residents.

The Review will broadly consider the following key lines of enquiry:

  • Trends in bus use and factors contributing to these trends
  • How to increase bus patronage – generally as well as in relation to different demographic groups including young people, the elderly, minority ethnic groups; key workers; those on low incomes, those with mobility issues;
  • How to improve accessibility – including provision for potentially isolated residents and communities;
  • How to improve ‘quality’ of services with an emphasis on the bus user experience;
  • The relationship between the bus system and other modes of transport and travel such as the tram network and active travel;
  • The implementation of bus priority measures by local leaders in South Yorkshire;
  • The environmental impact that buses can have on congestion, pollution and air quality;
  • The commercial operation of the bus sector including the responsibilities of bus operators, strategic planning and regulatory matters;
  • Adequacy of funding and best approaches to securing future investment in the sector and ensuring sustainability; and
  • What can be learnt from other towns, cities and/or city regions about any of the review’s key lines of enquiry.

Guidelines for submissions

To successfully make a submission, documents need to:

  • State clearly who the submission is from and whether you are submitting it on behalf of an organisation. Best practice would be to use the following header on submissions: “Written evidence for the SY Bus Review submitted by XXXX”
  • Be concise. Best practice is that submissions be no more than 3,000 works in length
  • Begin with an executive summary in bullet point form, clearly stating which key lines of enquiry the submission is responding to
  • Include a brief introduction about yourself, your organisation or who you are representing
  • Include factual information, with references and citations where appropriate. Submissions should not comment on any matters currently before a court of law
  • The panel may wish to publish written evidence. If you do not agree to your submission being made public (in full or in part), please mark your document appropriately.


5pm, Friday 13th September

Contact details

Written evidence should be submitted to



SY Bus Review Secretariat
11 Broad Street West
S1 2BQ