Latest SCRIF News

Published 1st August 2013 at 2:35pm

LTB unveils major projects shortlist

The Local Transport Body (LTB) has published a list of major projects which will have the biggest impact on jobs and economic growth in the Sheffield City Region over the next decade. The list was published on Thursday 18 July on the Sheffield City Region website. The full list can be found on page 7 of this document: SCR LTB 26 07 13 Full Papers

Sheffield City Region Local Transport Body (SCR LTB) established

The SCR LTB met for the first time on 31st May 2013.  The LTB is the body responsible for investment prioritisation and programme ownership for major scheme transport funding and the wider SCR Investment Fund (SCRIF).  Click here to view the LTB page.

Board approves SCRIF technical tools

In early May, the Sheffield City Region Leaders and LEP Board agreed that the technical tools developed to assess proposed SCRIF schemes are fit for purpose.  Following this, the first phase of SCRIF scheme assessment has begun.  To view this Board paper, follow the link below:

SCRIF Technical Tools Report May 2013

Board decides on name for urban development fund

LEP Board members have agreed that the SCR Urban Development Fund should be officially called ‘JESSICA’ from now on. The LEP Board also agreed that JESSICA decision making will be aligned with SCRIF as soon as practical.

Work is underway to identify the potential funding streams which could be incorporated into the SCRIF framework.

LEP endorses 28 scheme list

On 19th March 2013, the LEP Board endorsed the proposed sub-list of 28 schemes to be modelled in the first phase of SCRIF modelling and prioritisation in spring 2013, noting that the remaining schemes on the overall list can be further developed and brought forward for future phases.  Schemes have been put forward by the local authorities in the Sheffield City Region, working with local partners including private sector representatives where appropriate.  Click here for the latest scheme list.

LEP agrees on important Secondary Objectives test

On 19th March 2013, LEP Board agreed that, following assessment of SCRIF projects against GVA, to test the potential SCRIF programme against the following secondary criteria:

  • Distribution of growth in access to jobs
  • Distribution of growth in jobs

This approach will demonstrate the difference in GVA impact of different secondary criteria, and will therefore enable the LEP Board and Leaders to make a more informed decision on the most appropriate SCRIF programme for the first phase of investment.  Click here to view the Investment Fund Objectives Item that went to Board.