Mayor’s speech at the Homelessness Summit

Mayor’s speech at the Homelessness Summit

Speech delivered at the Homelessness Summit on 16/11/18

Thank you, Dominic, for the introduction.

And thank you South Yorkshire Housing Association for pulling this event together.

It is overwhelming to see so many people here.

Committed to working together to combat homelessness in the Sheffield City Region.

To educating.

To challenging the stigma.

To ensuring that our most vulnerable residents have the support mechanisms they need.

Homelessness is a situation that many of us will never know.

A situation that no one should ever know.

But a situation that could happen to any one of us.

One that too many in the Sheffield City Region are faced with.

With thanks to organisations like Crisis and Shelter, we can begin to understand the scale of the issue nationally.

It is estimated that,

almost 5,000 people were sleeping rough this time last year,

a 15% increase on the previous year.

78,000 households were in temporary accommodation,

an 8% increase on the previous year.

And over 59,000 people were accepted homeless,

an 11% increase on the previous year.

A distressing picture for one of the richest countries in the world,

with one of the most progressive welfare systems in the world.

And for the Sheffield City Region these figures are equally shocking,

An estimated 1200 people are homeless,

200 suspected to be living in temporary accommodation,

100 rough sleeping in our towns and cities.

But these figures are just a snapshot.

They do not show the true increase in homelessness.

Those who are unknown to authorities,

Those who are hidden homeless,

Those who live in squats, hostels, or sofa surf, with friends or with family.

Those without access to help,

Those who cannot ask for help.

If we look over the Pennines,

My colleague and good friend, the Mayor of Greater Manchester is doing trailblazing work.

Campaigning to ensure that everyone can have a bed this Winter.

Campaigning for donations to official organisations and charities.

Creating the Mayor’s Homelessness Fund.

– Mayor Dan Jarvis