Annual Statement of Accounts

The Authority and SCR Group’s financial performance in terms of its 2019/20 revenue and capital outturn position was reported to the Mayoral Combined Authority (MCA) on 1 June 2020.

The Unaudited 2019/20 Annual Statement of Accounts represent the Authority and SCR Group’s formal statutory financial accounts. These are consistent with the outturn position reported to the MCA but report performance in a different format as required by financial reporting rules applicable to local authority accounting.

The Unaudited 2019/20 Annual Statement of Accounts were considered by Audit & Standards Committee on 11 June prior to being published and are now subject to external audit and open to public inspection from 15 June 2020 until 24 July 2020.

SCRMCA’s Accounts for 2019/20 can be found here.

You can also download the Annual Statement of Accounts for previous financial years here

Annual Governance Statement

The Annual Governance Statement explains the processes and procedures in place to enable the Mayoral Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership to carry out their functions effectively.

The draft 2019-20 Annual Governance Statement presented to Audit Committee on 11 June can be found at the link above.

Annex A

Annual Assurance Statement from LEP Chair and Chief Executive

As part of the annual review by Government each year, each LEP is required to produce a written statement on the status of governance and transparency.

The Annual Assurance Statement – LEP Chair and SCR Chief Executive outlines the actions that have been taken over the last year to strengthen our governance arrangements and improve our transparency.

Annual Report from Section 73 Officer

As part of the annual review by Government each year, the lead Financial Officer is required to produce a written statement on the LEP’s financial management processes.

The Annual Assurance Statement – Section 73 Officer explains the measures that have been put in place over the last year to control and monitor LEP funding and expenditure.

External Audit

To ensure that we are being efficient and effective in our use of public money and resources, we appoint an external auditor to review the operations of the organisation every year.

Quarterly Monitoring

We undertake quarterly monitoring of financial performance and capital programme delivery during each year to ensure that the overall spending of the Combined Authority is within available resources.

Our Decisions & Expenditure