Our Decisions & Expenditure

Transport Revenue Budget

The Mayoral Combined Authority is responsible for approving the annual revenue budget prior to the start of the financial year within the Budget and Policy Framework. This includes setting the transport levy and estimating income and expenditure for the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE).

Revenue and Capital Expenditure

As the accountable body for the Local Enterprise Partnership, the Mayoral Combined Authority also approves the LEP’s capital and revenue budget.

Capital Programme

The Mayoral Combined Authority is also responsible for agreeing an annual programme of capital expenditure, together with proposals for the financing of that programme. This includes schemes promoted by both the Mayoral Combined Authority and those directly managed by SYPTE.

Sheffield City Region Pay Grade Structure

Click here for the senior employee salary information for the current financial year.

Grants Awarded

All schemes and projects seeking capital investment from the Sheffield City Region undergo a thorough appraisal to assess the merits of the application, its strategic fit and value for money. Projects which have progressed through the appraisal process are presented to the Mayoral Combined Authority Board for approval.

Items of Mayoral Combined Authority Expenditure over £250

As part of our commitment to be open and transparent, we publish information on all payments made to suppliers and organisations that have a value of more than £250 on a monthly basis. View Payments to Suppliers

Please note that our expenditure is categorised using the Proclass system. This means that each supplier has a defined category which they are assigned, but this does not necessarily mean this is what we are buying. This data is provided for free reuse, including commercial reuse. The right for further use is covered by the Open Government License, published by the National Archives and as recommended by HM Government Data.

Corporate Card Spend

We publish information on all payments made on corporate cards on a quarterly basis.

These payments are incorporated into the monthly payment listings of items of expenditure over £250 cross referenced “GPC”

Expenses and Member Allowances

No remuneration is paid to members of the Mayoral Combined Authority Board, LEP Board or other committees established by the Sheffield City Region. Members are, however, entitled to claim back travel and subsistence costs incurred whilst undertaking duties and responsibilities on behalf of the Sheffield City Region.

In line with our LEP Expenses Policy we publish quarterly reports on expenses claimed by members.  You can view the Quarterly Expenses Reports here.

Contracts Register

We are committed to publishing details of all contracts and agreements in place. This information can be found by following the link here.

LEP Delivery Plan

As part of the annual budget setting process, at the start of each financial year the LEP identifies projects and initiatives that will be delivered during the year.  We publish this information in a LEP Delivery Plan alongside information on the LEP’s strategic priorities for investment.  You can view the LEP Delivery Plan 2020-21 here.


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