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Published 20th June 2018 at 12:48pm

The proposed project entails the creation of film and tv studios, visual effects production facility (VFX), a Film, TV and VFX training academy and hotel and events business at the former High Melton campus of Doncaster College.

The total project will consist of:

• The creation of 7 sound stages (3 stages in Phase 1) to host international and domestic TV and Film productions,
• The creation of a visual effects post production facility,
• The creation of a film, TV & visual effects (VFX) Academy, which will provide staff for the post production facility,
• The re-establishment and re-development of an events business on site incorporating restaurant and hotel facilities, which will service the market created by the Studio.

SCR LGF allocation: £4,100,000
Total project cost: £36,000,000

A full record of endorsements and approvals is held on file at Sheffield City Region offices.