Greasbrough Corridor Improvements

//Greasbrough Corridor Improvements

Published 15th August 2018 at 1:19pm

Map of Greasborough Corridor Improvements

There is currently considerable queuing causing delays along the B6089 (Car Hill/Potter Hill/Cinder Bridge Road), particularly during peak times. This improvement scheme will provide extra capacity at key junctions for all traffic along the route, providing journey time and reliability benefits for commuters, business users and public transport providers.

The B6089 runs through the Bassingthorpe Farm strategic housing allocation site, so the project will also help facilitate the delivery of the planned 2,500 homes and 11ha of Employment Land. This investment will assist regeneration of the local area as well as improving links between Rotherham and the regionally important Dearne Valley Growth Area.

This project, which is currently in development, includes a contribution from the Government’s Local Growth Fund resources which is part of the Government’s continued investment in the Northern Powerhouse.

SCR LGF allocation: £3,300,000
Total project cost: £3,300,000

If you have any comments about the scheme please get in touch through the ‘Contact Us’ email address below or contact the promoter directly. In any case, we will share relevant comments with the scheme promoter. Note that the business case is correct at the date of application, but there is likely to be changes to the scheme as projects develop through the SCR project assurance process