//RNN Group Motor Vehicle & IT Curriculum Growth Plan

Published 14th June 2018 at 9:45am

RNN Group Motor Vehicle & IT Curriculum Growth Plan

The RNN Groups “Motor Vehicle Curriculum Area Growth Plan and IT Curriculum Area Growth Plan” aims to support residents to acquire the skills and qualifications to support growth key industries by ensuring the facilities that learners have access to are as up to date as possible.

The funding supports the updating of IT servers as well as supporting the purchase of equipment so that Motor Vehicle learners can undertake their learning using the latest technological advancements.

Ensuring the facilities that learners in our vocational education facilities are the best they can be is an important city region priority. To help us deliver that our Skills Capital Competitive Fund is in place; we have a commissioning call for minor skills capital for spend in 17/18 and future commissioning calls will be launched in due course.

This fund includes a contribution from the Government’s Local Growth Fund resources which is part of the Government’s continued investment in the Northern Powerhouse.

SCR LGF allocation: £185,500
Total project cost: £331,000

A full record of endorsements and approvals is held on file at Sheffield City Region offices.