SCR Digital Innovation Partnership

//SCR Digital Innovation Partnership

Published 12th December 2018 at 9:22am

The SCR Digital Innovation Partnership (SCR DIP) has the ambition to be a world class employer-led partnership in support of SCR’s Global Innovation Corridor vision. It connects the assets of SHU, NCATI, local authorities and employers in re-defining provision of high level technical qualifications. The capital investment in space and equipment will catalyse cross-sectoral partnerships, and innovative curriculum to underpin provision of a productive, highly skilled workforce required by SCR Strategic Economic Plan. We will build on the core ‘foundation industries’ identified in the SEP, specifically:

● Construction / digital construction and infrastructure
● Digital
● Engineering/Advanced Manufacturing

We will build on capability at SHU, NCATI and other providers to expand Digital, Construction and Engineering learners to 10,150 by 2029. SCR currently lags behind the national average for higher level skills with 30.7% of residents holding a Level 4+ qualification. SCR DIP actively addresses the skills deficit through:

● New provision and expanded learner access at Levels 4-7 across core sectors.
● Employer-led curriculum design underpinned by application and adoption of digital capabilities.
● Collaborative and complementary Doncaster and Sheffield hubs ensuring coherent curriculum and maximum space utilisation.
● Support capacity building of SCR teaching staff and in company trainers to deliver digital first curriculum.

This project, which is currently in development, includes a contribution from the Government’s Local Growth Fund resources which is part of the Government’s continued investment in the Northern Powerhouse.

SCR LGF allocation: £4,510,000
Total project cost: £7,554,500

If you have any comments about the scheme please get in touch through the ‘Contact Us’ email address below or contact the promoter directly. In any case, we will share relevant comments with the scheme promoter. Note that the business case is correct at the date of application, but there is likely to be changes to the scheme as projects develop through the SCR project assurance process.

A full record of endorsements and approvals is held on file at Sheffield city Region offices.