UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)

//UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)

Published 30th April 2019 at 10:54am

UKAEA is a UK government research organisation responsible for the development of fusion power. They want to establish a unique research facility employing at least 30 highly skilled jobs. The project proposes to construct a dedicated building of 2,800 sq.m which will be used to develop joining technologies for various materials including novel metals and ceramics, and then to evaluate the materials and components under test conditions that will simulate those that would be experienced inside a fusion device.

This project, which is currently in delivery, includes a contribution from the Government’s Local Growth Fund which is part of the Government’s continued investment in the Northern Powerhouse.

SCR LGF allocation: £2,200,000
Total project cost: £22,000,000

If you have any comments about the scheme please get in touch through the ‘Contact Us’ email address below or contact the promoter directly. In any case, we will share relevant comments with the scheme promoter.

A full record of endorsements and approvals is held on file at Sheffield city Region offices.