Quarterly Economic Review

Monitoring trends in our regional business economy

The Quarterly Economic Review survey is for all business people from across the Sheffield City Region to answer questions on topical matters in the workplace.

Taking place each quarter, the Survey gives you the chance to ensure your voice is heard and help us influence regional and national policies, on your behalf.

The results are used to gain a snapshot of business sentiment and help inform key strategic decisions on supporting business growth and the wider economy.

The Sheffield City Region Quarterly Economic Review (QER) is part of the British Chamber’s Quarterly Economic Survey; the largest independent business survey in the UK and a significant economic indicator.

SCR QER Skills Survey Report 2021


SCR QER Quarter 1 results

SCR QER Quarter 2 results


SCR QER Quarter 1 Results

SCR QER Quarter 2 Results

SCR QER Quarter 3 Results

SCR QER Quarter 4 Results