Regional Growth Fund Expression of Interest

Published 6th December 2012 at 6:48pm

RGF Expression of Interest Form

  • Contact details

  • This is the local authority area in which this investment will be made
  • About your project

  • Briefly, what is your project? What are the key deliverables? What difference will it make to your business? When would the project take place?
  • Tell us why your project can’t / won’t happen without RGF support? Or why your project will material benefit from RGF support e.g. it will be undertaken on a larger scale - more employment impact etc.
  • Headline numbers

    What is the total value of your project? Please complete the value fields below. (The 'Total project cost' field at the bottom will automatically calculate the total value of your project.)
  • This is the total amount of funding not yet defined / still to be found
  • This should be the total value of your project i.e. the sum of all the amounts listed above
  • Employment impact

  • These must be full time equivalent (FTE) jobs created by you, directly as the applicant. A job = 30 or more hours. Two part time jobs = 1 full time job.
  • These are jobs that would be lost within 12 months of the date of any RGF award.
  • Additional information