Skills Advisory Network

The SCR Skills Advisory Network (SAN) is an employer-led local partnership, established in 2020 to strengthen the link between public and private sector employers, local authorities, colleges and universities and to consolidate and improve knowledge on skills and labour market needs.

The Skills Advisory Network has a key remit around evidence. This includes shaping the focus of Education, Skills and Employment data within the Sheffield City Region Intelligence Hub. It will use and update evidence such as the evidence base for the Strategic Economic Plan. Data and reporting will soon be available to access via this website.

The Skills Advisory Network aims to strengthen the relationship between employers and education or training providers in local areas. The panels will use robust labour market analysis to understand skills needs and supply. It will address priorities effectively, improving productivity and the local economy.

The Skills Advisory Network is a major opportunity to drive forward further change and deliver results with employers at the forefront. It will give businesses the opportunity to influence the future of skills in Sheffield City Region.

The Skills Advisory Network provides advice from it’s diverse membership into the Education, Skills and Employment Board. Further details of the work that the Education, Skills and Employment Board undertakes can be found at the link below.

Local Skills Report (2021)

The report has been developed by the SAN to set out the local strengths and skills needs and how the SAP proposes its area addresses its key priorities. The Reports aim to influence local partners and feed intelligence to central government, including the national-level Skills and Productivity Board (SPB).

Skills Analysis Report (2021)

The Skills Advisory Network commissioned the Institute of Employment Research (University of Warwick) to support the development of the Local Skills Report. As part of the package of work the IER have produced a Skills Analysis Report. This report has a broader scope than the Local Skills Report and provides greater detail.

Skills Recovery in South Yorkshire Report (2021)

The Skills Advisory Network commissioned the network of Local Chambers of Commerce led by East Midlands Chamber to produce a research report looking at the skills needs of South Yorkshire’s priority sectors. The report is based on the survey data and focus groups with employers based in South Yorkshire.

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