Skills Made Easy (SME) is a pioneering programme, funded through the City Deal, which puts control over training directly into the hands of employers in the Sheffield City Region. The programme  provides expert guidance on the choice of courses and training providers, which reduces hassle and keeps bureaucracy to a minimum.

The aim is to help small and medium sized companies across the Sheffield City Region to get the high quality training of the type they need, in the place they need it and at the time that they need it.  Whether it is recruiting apprentices or training the existing workforce, Skills Made Easy seeks to find the training solutions that employers need.

It does this in four ways:

1. Growth made easy

If you are thinking about growing your business and this growth includes new staff or developing your current workforce, one of our Account Managers can offer free support with planning how you might go about it.

2. Recruitment made easy

If you are looking to employ an apprentice, Skills Made Easy can help select applicants so that only the most suitable and job-ready are presented for interview. An Account Manager can also help explain and help you access government grants designed to incentivise you to take on apprentices.

3. Training made easy

If you are unsure what training options are available and how they might work for your business, our Account Managers can help design training that meets your needs.  They can then assemble a funding package and offer you a choice of colleges and training providers to make sure you get the high quality training that you need.

4. Support made easy

The Skills Made Easy team will be there to offer a single point of contact throughout the recruitment and training of an apprentice, or the courses and qualifications organised for the existing workforce. Additionally, the Account Manager will also be able to help businesses navigate the wealth of business support services, grants and organisations that can help them achieve their objectives.

For more information visit, call 0114 229 6183 or email