SCR Skills Provider Network

Introduction to the SCR Provider Network

Skills are a key element of the Sheffield City Region Strategic Economic Plan, an growth plan which will be transformational and over the next 10 years deliver an additional 70,000 new jobs; increase GVA by 10% and create an additional 6,000 new businesses.

There is a fundamental shift in the skills market – we will see unprecedented levels of employer investment, primacy of apprenticeships (especially in 19+), devolution of AEB (Adult Education Budget), loans amongst a few requiring a strong, cohesive, response.

About the SCR Provider Network

The Sheffield City Region Skills Provider Network is a strong forum through which the Sheffield City Region is working with providers from all sectors to shape policy.  The forum provides opportunities for providers to pool knowledge and share learning across peer groups.

With over 150 members currently, the network meets quarterly at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham. It is open to anyone to come along.  These meetings are interspersed with masterclasses and working groups to develop knowledge and progress action.

  • This network enables the active participation of skills development organisations operating with the Sheffield City Region (SCR) working in partnership to build and sustain a skills system that is responsive and flexible enough to respond to immediate and emerging skills needs of its businesses.

Why get involved?

  • To help create a vibrant, high-performing network of skills and employment providers which plays a key role in delivering the SCR’s Growth Plan to 2020 and beyond.
  • Access peer networking, knowledge sharing and build partnerships.
  • Have a voice in the shaping of Policy in SCR.
  • Receive regular updates on skills and employment activity across SCR.

SCR Provider Network Meetings

Upcoming meetings:

Sheffield City Region Traineeship Provider Workshop: Tuesday 4 April 2017 9am-12.30 (Advanced Manufacturing Park).

Past Meetings

March meeting 2017

Skills Provider Network Meeting – 7 March

Underpinning Excellence Presentation – 7 March

Developing an Effective Communications Strategy Presentation – 7 March

Sector Readiness – 7 March

December’s meeting 2016 –

1) Lisa Clark / Andrea Fitzgerald – Intro and Employment Slides

2) Tim Allen – SCR Employment and Skills Strategy

3) Jonathan Well – SCR Skills Provider Network, Communication

4) James Farr – SCR Provider Network Masterclasses 2016/17

5) Chris MacCormac – Erasmus

6) SCR LMI Draft Report

September’s meeting – please click here to download the Agenda and Actions from the last meeting

Summary of April’s Meeting

SCR Network Communication – 6 September

SFA Apprenticeship Levy Key Points – 6 September

SCR LMI overview – 6 September

AEB Presentation – 6 September

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Networking for Success

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