Housing and Land

Sheffield City Region vision for housing is one where we put in place a residential offer that supports our economic ambitions – in order to support 70,000 new jobs over the next ten years we need to provide on average between 7,000 and 10,000 new dwellings per year.

The SCR Housing Executive Board (HEB) has a mix of public and private sector partners, including house-builders on it with a focus on accelerating housing delivery across the SCR. All partners are continuing to work with Government in order ensure the effective use of public sector land, planning powers and funding in order to accelerate housing delivery.

Most of the funding powers still sit with central government and their housing delivery agency the Homes and Communities Agency: securing freedoms, flexibilities and funding from Government remains an important part of the SCR’s approach. However, Sheffield City Region needs to continue to explore new and innovative models of investment and delivery – guided by a more strategic approach.

Nationally designed/ administered funding products don’t always match the needs of the local housing market. Sheffield City Region is therefore using devolved funds to develop our own SCR Housing Investment Fund shaped and allocated based on locally set criteria and available over a longer timeframe.