Skills Capital Fund

The deadline for applications to the Skills Capital Fund has now passed. Thank you for your applications. Successful applicants are being invited to proceed to the next stage.


If you have been notified to proceed, please complete the Full Business Case and Appendix 1 (Costings & Outputs) by clicking the links below. Applications must demonstrate the benefits that the funding will deliver, such as:

  • Increase in learner numbers (at any age)
  • Increase in the level of NVQ equivalent provision on offer
  • New or enhanced qualifications
  • Better quality of existing provision
  • Increased commercial income
  • Increased achievement and/or retention rates

Applications must also clearly align to the economic needs of Sheffield City Region and support residents to acquire the skills and qualifications to support growth in our key industries.

Full Business Case- Skills Capital Funding

Appendix- 1 Costings & Outputs


Skills Capital Fund Prospectus

DRAFT Funding Agreement

Annex 1 STEM occupations

Annex 2 SHEFFIELD CITY REGION Curriculum Review Report

Email Krysia Wooffinden at for any clarification.