Working Win Extension

Working Win Extension

We are pleased to be able to offer in-work employment support based on the successful Working Win programme.

If you have a mental or physical health condition and are sick and struggling in work, you can sign up here.

You will be supported by an employment specialist to identify your strengths, work preferences and develop an action plan to support you to manage your health in the workplace.

Please sign up quickly – we have 450 places on the programme. Referrals are open now. If you’d like more information call 0114 2900 218 or email

If you are out of work or you do not have a health condition, there are other places where you can find support.

The initial Working Win trial has finished, although we have successfully secured funding for an extension until March 2021 to support people who are in work with a health condition.

The original Working Win project was a randomised control trial testing the efficacy of an Individual Placement and Support model for those with health conditions. It was run by South Yorkshire Housing Association and supported over 1,500 people to get back or stay in work.

Working Win gave personalised and intensive support to participants and employers to help them maximise their potential, by identifying their strengths, finding employment that met the needs of participants and co-ordinating knowledge of the employers and health professionals.

The support involved:

  • Working with a health care team
  • Support once in employment
  • Help talking to employers about workplace needs.

Support ran for up to a year and did not affect benefits.

The results of the full trial will be evaluated and released in 2022.